A poem by Sarah E. Raine


The tears fall down slow and steady,Every Tear

but they disappear as fast as they came,

falling to the ground, into a sea of tears,

an ocean of salty sorrow,

Mingled with everyone’s tears,

as if my sorrow means anything,

as if my pain is any different than yours,

one can only hope, and hope seems gone,

It’s like saying that that one rain drop

is more special than any other droplet,

have you not seen people catch raindrops, though?

Have you not seen them collect the rain

for a greater purpose later on?

And just as those people collect the rain,

God collects our tears in a jar,

because they do mean something

and will be used for a greater purpose,

Because God does care about our sorrow

and He does care about our pain,

just like others care about the rain…

“He collects each and every tear”,

Is that not a beautiful thing?

And  when the tears fall,

and when the storms come,

(even if the pain is unbearable),

remember to collect the droplets of rain,

Because someday they will be special,

special to you just like your tears are to God…