By Moriah Simonowich

In beauty as elegant as a pearl,

Another day crisply unfurls.

From God’s treasure house of gems

Come chill March winds,

Echoing the season of spring;

They whirl, twirl, and ring.

Clouds in transparent white wisps

Move about in driftsβ€”

Sails billowing on a sea of blue;

In a sky of clearest hue.

Accompanied by swaying emerald pines,

All the trees are inclined

To dance as if to say:

My, what a brisk, breezy day.

Some branches bear twigs,

Others tender green sprigs;

But their mutual delight

Is contagious and sunny and bright!

Echoes of spring,

They whirl, twirl, and ring.

Then, vanishing in a flash,

The day is passed.

Yet, this handiwork of Wisdom ageless, Divine,

Remains etched vividly upon my mind.

With a loveliness cascading and true,

He showers these gifts to be gathered by me, and you.

Echoes of spring

Are moments that are rapidly fading;

So, quick! Bundle them up while they are young

And the season’s song is still being sung.

Moriah-Bio-2017Moriah is a twenty-year-old homeschool graduate living in her home-sweet-home of North Carolina. She loves to weave vivid, descriptive words to bless others. Capturing the moments of life on camera is another passion of hers, whether in Uganda, Africa, or her own backyard. To mingle the pursuits of writing and photography, she embarked on a fresh blogging venture. Delighting in Him is an adventure welcome to anyone whose heart desires β€œto delight in the Lord through the sweetness of His Word and the wonder of His Creation.”