Oh beloved,
Don’t you know that love comes from God alone?
You might feel happiness without him
But is it real joy?
Sin wreaks havoc in our lives.
It tempts us,
It draws us in,
It is like the song of the siren who lures sailors to their death.
It sounds so beautiful.
So perfect.
So lovely.
But it only causes pain,
and such loneliness.
Oh beloved,
Your shoulders slump and your head hangs low.
You know there is nothing you can do.
How can you repay those you have hurt?
Won’t good deeds make up for everything?
Will that be enough?
But even the best thing we can do is tainted with our sin.
Nothing you do on your own can repay
this sin.
But God,
The two most beautiful words in the Bible.
He sent his son,
He poured out his blood.
His perfect blood.
He had never once sinned.
He was the unblemished sacrifice.
He was
His body mutilated.
He died.
Oh beloved,
Don’t cry.
Don’t you know what happens next?
He rose from the tomb that held him for three days.
Through his spilled blood we can be forgiven.
He died so we might live,
This is what love looks like.
Oh darling,
I see how you weep,
I feel your pain.
You don’t believe that you could ever be forgiven
You are
My dear one,
You are closer to salvation than you know.
It is here you can find redemption.
Find him, my beloved.
Hear him calling you.
Open your heart.
Find the One who has loved you from the start.
So come.
For this is what love looks like.