By Isabelle Evans

I put my headphones in,

And I begin to sway,

I rock back and forth to the music

And welcome in the day.

No one knows I hear it,

I doubt they’d even care,

But my music is special,

I find my quiet here.

It helps me keep my peace

All throughout the day,

That beautiful, sweet music,

Keeps me awake till the end of day.

But then I get home,

I turn the lights off and close the door,

The music goes into my speakers,

And it fills me to the core.

I raise my arms up high,

I hear the neighbors’ dog bark,

No one else can see me,

’Cause I’m dancing in the dark.

Version 2Izzy is a messy, creative, 15-year-old Australian girl (no, she doesn’t ride kangaroos) who loves to read, write, and read some more. She also enjoys making jewelry and dancing (just for fun). She currently resides in Japan as a mission kid with her parents and five siblings.