We are all warriors.

By Sarah Spradlin

A warrior is not felled by one wound.

A warrior is not swayed by offers of evil.

A warrior is not given in to the pedestals of pride.

A warrior is a guardian of the weak and of the hopeless.

A warrior is a flint among the diamonds and kindles a fire in others’ hearts.

A warrior is more than a conqueror.

A warrior has chosen to lead.

A warrior has chosen to fight for what he believes.

A warrior has chosen to serve the poor.

A warrior has revealed his true heart to the world.

A warrior has shined his light into the darkness.

A warrior has shared the burdens of his fellows.

A warrior acknowledges that he is not perfect.

A warrior can forgive – both himself and his transgressors.


Because there is always hope, whether you choose to believe in it or not is your choice.


I am a warrior of God.