Character Types: The Mentor

So, this video was originally going to come out last month.  But then my laptop decided to turn into a brick the evening I was planning on uploading it to Youtube.  After the hassle of buying a new laptop and recovering all my old files, though, we finally have the video to share with you all.  So tune in as, in this video, Daniel complains about how the mentor is used in fiction and Josiah tries to explain to him why the mentor figure doesn’t always have to be a poorly-written character in fiction.

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Introduction to the Series

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Josiah DeGraaf is a high school English teacher and literature nerd who fell in love with stories when he was young and hasn’t fallen out of love ever since.
He writes because he’s fascinated by human motivations. What causes otherwise-good people to make really terrible decisions in their lives? Why do some people have the strength to withstand temptation when others don’t? How do people respond to periods of intense suffering? What does it mean to be a hero?
These questions drive him as a reader, and they drive him as a writer as well as he takes normal people, puts them in crazy situations (did he mention he writes fantasy?), and then forces them to make difficult choices with their lives.
Someday, Josiah hopes to write fantasy novels with worlds as imaginative as Brandon Sanderson’s, characters as complex as Orson Scott Card’s, character arcs as dynamic as Jane Austen’s, themes as deep as Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s, and stories as entertaining as Wayne Thomas Batson’s. In the meantime, you can find him writing articles here or short stories at his website (link below) as he works toward achieving these goals.
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  1. THAT’S NOT HOW THE FORCE WORKS! This was great. xD Even if there were some spoilers. 😛 Keep it up, guys!

  2. I agree with Sarah, that was great. 😀 And thanks for pointing out what parts of the mentor archetype are necessary, Josiah. I would have agreed with Daniel on first impulse and said just chuck the whole thing, but now I see some pieces of it are inevitable, though I don’t necessarily think a hero always has to have a mentor figure. There are other ways to learn things. Libraries, for instance. 😉 The Library of All Things Swordsmanship and Secrecy. The Force for Dummies. Complete Works on DragonRiding. 😀 The possibilities are endless.
    Great video, guys. The intro made me laugh so hard.

    • Great ideas on alternate suggestions to the mentor figure! Hadn’t thought about that as much before, but I definitely agree.
      Yes, our current plan is to try out more of those kinds of intros for our future videos. 🙂

  3. Aren’t laptops annoying things?!? I managed to drop mine, *stupid me* and now it is not working too well, and I have a competition that ends in September and I’m in no way ready. *PANIC*
    However, great movie. Like Kate, laughed really hard at the start. 🙂 I always learn so much from your movies. Keep it up Josiah and Daniel. 😉

  4. (Just thought I’d let you know, my laptop is back up and running. It must have been because I used it right after I’d dropped it)

  5. Awesome! Glad to hear that. 🙂

  6. “Sexism and oldism” ha ha. 🙂

  7. Micaela M. says:

    For the record, GANDALF CAME BACK!!!! I’m done now. I need to finish the video.

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