A poem depicting our freedom and life in Christ

By Carolyn Garner

Eyes of fire

Mouth that hates

Tongue that scorns

Heart that lies

Shoves out thought

That torments soul

Kills the hope

Of ones who mourn


Buries love

To help forget

Pain it caused

The ones who left

Men meant to run

Crawl in shame

Conscience screams

Of duty now lost

A heart twists

Bruises and burns

Ice like fire

Melts to pain

Wracks the body

Tortures the mind

Kind words stab

The heart that cries

Light stings

Blinds the eyes

Blackened by hate

Sheds the lies


Shakes the body

Light overcoming

Fills the mind

Words come flowing


Moved the course

The feet had walked

Now gone flying

To people he sought


No thought of dark

Mustard seed grows

Into tree of life


Full of passion

Spirit now eased

Music in soul

Gone is disease

Fills the body

Beauty explodes

Changed the face

Once broken in pieces