I lost myself

in the mazes of my mind.

I forgot the world around me

in the whisperings of my heart.

There was so much to hold me captive

in the realms no one could see.

Soft glowing windows;

laughter and song.

Cold moonless streets;

betrayal and fear.

Tattered parchments of legends old;

treason and sacrifice,

hope and despair.

Brothers and fathers

mentors and kings.

Flashing steel glints in the rain.
Hooves thunder through the storm.
Dawn hushes in breathless anticipation;

watchful eyes flit through the gloaming.

Fireflies glitter at dusk.

Blood spilt across the snow;

silent tears like morning dew;

laughter mingles with morning songs.

Wraiths and phantoms watched in array.
There were so many to care for,

breathing in a land of their own.

Trapped behind ink and dusty paper,

waiting to be set free.

I took a pen and unlocked their chains.

I watched and learned and wrote.

And somehow I forgot the world

was so much larger

than the echoes of my mind.

It slipped away so softly

I didn’t see it go,

Until I woke and saw the sun

glint through a wall of glass.

Life continued on the other side,

with a shadow of who I was.

But behind my laughter and smiles

I’d become ensnared

in chains of my own design.

I forgot so quickly,

the ones I’d set out to help.

I lost my focus,

for a realm I could control.

The world was so much larger

than the horizons of my mind.

It bled and wept and hurt

beyond the crystal truths I had built.

The words inside my head

held so much for me to say.

But unspoken they were only a key

waiting for deeds to set them free.

So I took them in my hand,

I spread the dreams out wide;

I took what I had stored

and sowed them with each breath.

One by one the shuttered windows,

slipped loose their protecting bars.

Whispers echoed in the wind

and the shadows let me in.

The world is so much bigger now

it grows every day.

Yet still I hear my my own creations

murmur softly in my ears.

But now it’s part of something larger.

A single piece

in a game that two must play.

It is a blade to cut the lies,

a key to fit in a silver lock,

a mirror to show things as they really are.

The harmony of a song that echoes beyond the stars.