Become a Steward of the Pen (and Earn Rewards!)

Stewards_of_the_PenFor many moons, the Kingdom of Pen has occupied a small corner of the land called Internet. We have enjoyed relative prosperity and comfort amidst the forum’s castle grounds and the rolling countryside of social media surrounding our kingdom. But now we stand at the dawn of a new era.

Introducing the Stewards of the Pen! This branch of our kingdom will become stronger than the rest, subduing all those who dare oppose us as we infect every last region of Internet with our brand until we reign supreme!

Did I just write that aloud? Well, uh … awkward.

At this point I would like to turn the podium over to my assistant, Stewie, to explain what the Stewards of the Pen are all about.

Thanks, Master. Guys, I’m gonna shoot straight with you. This whole idea is completely insane, but heaps of fun. Basically, Dark Overlord Michael sends us all over the Internet realm to post and share about Kingdom Pen in exchange for certain KP products and discounts on KP merchandise. “Dark Overlord” is mostly an honorary title.

Sure, the organization is technically villainous, and we’re made serfs of the kingdom and paid with wooden currency, but all that aside, involvement is a lark. Master lets us chat in the forum castle, we get to scheme new ways to spread the word about KP, and we’re granted early access to KP content and news. We even play volleyball on Tuesdays! Plus, there are opportunities for advancement. I recently earned my freedom from indefinite indentureship, and a buddy of mine has become a Dark Underlord or something! 

I admit that being a villain is a little jarring at first, but of all the organizations that have “dark” in the boss’s title, Stewards of the Pen is probably the best. We’re just acknowledging that we’re all sinners in need of a savior. In that sense, everyone is evil anyway. We just happen to be more candid about it.

At any rate, if you’re interested in checking out Stewards of the Pen or touring the volleyball court, you can apply below!

Thank you, Stewie. That was … honest. For those less disposed to propositions from dark overlords and optimistic underlings, here is what’s happening. Kingdom Pen is starting the Stewards of the Pen, a contingent of KeePers committed to growing the Kingdom Pen community. You already got a taste of the lightheartedness we hope to promote in the group, but let me give you a sample of the other benefits (aside from volleyball Tuesdays).

Stewards of the Pen will be rewarded for things they’re likely already doing: sharing KP social media posts, enrolling in KP courses, referring friends to KP courses, etc. As a bonus, the top performing Stewards in each quarter will gain treasures like one-on-one story coaching with Josiah (or yours truly, Dark Overlord Michael, if you wish), free e-books, and more!

If Stewie was unable to entice you to join with his promises of volleyball and promotions, perhaps this dragon hoard of rewards will persuade you to apply now!

You’d better hurry, because enlistments close on May 2nd!

UPDATE: Enrollment to Stewards of the Pen is now closed. Subscribe to our email list to be the first to know when enrollment opens up again!

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Michael Stanton has had what he describes as a scatterbrained adventure of a life that has recently led him to working at Kingdom Pen. When he wasn’t teaching underprivileged children in Uganda and rafting on the White Nile, he was either in Canada’s capital city studying the history of Christianity or in Michigan learning how to make films. Originally from Banner Elk, North Carolina, Michael grew up homeschooled and surrounded by the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains. Those mountains inspired Michael’s love of writing (and, let’s face it, the Lord of the Ringsmovies also helped). Many years and adventures later, Michael found himself getting a marketing degree, and low and behold, Kingdom Pen was in need of a Marketing Director. What are the odds that God didn’t see that coming? All divine providence allusions aside, Michael is super excited to get to work in an organization that so closely matches his desires to see more quality content streaming from the minds and hearts of his fellow Christians.
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  1. Will we get an email back if our application has been accepted?

  2. *bounces* Eeep goodness this sounds like such a cool idea. *enlists immediately*

  3. So excited to get this started!
    @that_writer_girl_99, you should see an email by this Friday. We’re still getting the castle ready and Master really wants everything to be perfect.

  4. This is going to be an adventure guys!

  5. Ahhh. This is sad. I’d love so much to be involved, but I don’t have any social media. 🙁
    I did get in contact with K.M. Weiland and she put @daeus reader survey on Twitter for me, but I don’t think asking other people to post for you continually really counts. 🙂
    Hope you’ll all have fun, anyway. This is an awesome idea. *sniffs* *grins*

  6. Haha! Loved the drama in the post. I’m not the kind of garrulous guru to do this sort of thing, but admire those who do. Thanks for the laughs. 😉

  7. Oh, this is going to be quite (mischievous) fun! *rubs hands in conspiracy*
    ~ Light4theLord

  8. *grins* Perfection is good! @stewie-plotter

  9. Okay, this sounds wonderful. Only one small problem: I’m not on Facebook, I’m not on Twitter, I’m not on Instagram, I don’t have a blog (yet), and basically you cannot find me on the Internet anywhere except on Kingdom Pen. Now, I am a member of Young Writers’ Workshop, and I suppose I could plug it there for a little while, but that membership is getting to be a little too expensive for me to sustain on my limited saving-for-college-and-a-car budget. Is this Stewards of the Pen thing still something I should do?

    • @his-instrument, there are still other ways to spread the word! Like Katherine says below, you can tell people about stuff through word of mouth and still be rewarded. All you have to do is have some kind of proof that you do what you said you’d do. We’re willing to work with you and we’d love to have you!

  10. Katherine says:

    Would I get rewarded if I told my friends about it (not through social media) and they got signed up, or do they have to be told through the internet?

    • As long as you can show some kind of proof that you got them to sign up, then that would be fine! Something like a quick email to you from the person you referred would do the trick.

      • Also, more of that stuff is discussed in the group once you get signed up.

      • Thank you , Dark Overlord Michael. I appreciate you taking the time to reply to a mere troll thingy. I will do my duty and attempt to bring in more KeePers, and hope that soon I shall have the honor of being one of your serfs instead of just a troll thingy.

  11. Ceaseless Prayer says:

    Sounds like so much fun! I’m excited!! 😊

  12. Sounds extremely fun! Perhaps i will apply! *grins* and hello guys/gals!

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