Author: Hannah Carmichael

Someone’s Locket

She lives in someone’s locket Alone and tucked away She wishes they would stop it And she wishes she could stay Inside of someone’s locket So pain would not quite hurt She wouldn’t have to watch it As people all left her But someone pried it open The locket could not hide The girl that lived there broken The treasure lost inside He cut His finger on the frame Of her jagged home But held His hand out freely And asked her, “Come?” But fearfully she stepped back Someone’s locket was her home How could she leave the darkness...

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A Blade of Grass

It was his very first spring; he was a young sprout and that day started out perfectly… Blade looked up at the breathtaking sky. Beautiful, hardly a cloud covering its perfect canvas. “Isn’t it a nice day?” he asked his brother, Root who stood tall by his side. “Yeah, sure,” Root replied in his usual disinterested drawl. A ladybug passed Blade’s line of sight, and he watched it land on a lovely, tall stalked dandelion. His roots tingled with excitement. It was Dandy. She had sprouted the same day as him, and he had loved her ever since she...

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