Author: Sarah Spradlin

Exclusive Author Interview: Lisa T. Bergren

Kingdom Pen’s own Sarah Spradlin had the opportunity to ask a few questions of the best-selling, award-winning author Lisa T. Bergren. Read the elusive interview below! KP: In the end, our goal, as Christian authors, is to further the Kingdom for Christ and glorify Him. But it had to start somewhere. How did you come to know Christ as your savior and how has that influenced your writing? LB: I was raised in the church and feel like I’ve always known Him. But I dedicated my life and work to Him after a personal reformation experience I had when I...

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By Sarah Spradlin   “Music is what feelings sound like.” – Unknown   Dark, tangled locks hang like wild wisps over weathered, young fingers traipsing across ivory keys. Feet dance against brass pedals. The breath of power escapes thin pressed lips. A heart sings along to the beat of rhythm echoing deep as she falls out from every boundary wrapped around her. Her eyes follow a journey, held captive in the flurry of her soldier-like fingers. Leading fearlessly an epic quest, seamlessly unfolding at her fingertips. Swords clash and the songs of battle echo out into the darkness. Light meets shadow’s acrid breath. Forget your fear.  I am with you. Shadowed...

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“Do not let your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me.” John 14:1   By Sarah Spradlin Deep in a warm and welcoming forest, amidst the stone walls of a great fortress, there dwells a heart not untouched, but rather unbroken.   The heart, you see, is scarred and hurt. The heart has weaknesses and pain that no others have seen. But do not ask the heart for details; it will not answer but to say: “I am forgiven, and so I, too, shall forgive.”   No, the heart realized early on that, as with all...

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Code Of Honor

We are all warriors. By Sarah Spradlin A warrior is not felled by one wound. A warrior is not swayed by offers of evil. A warrior is not given in to the pedestals of pride. A warrior is a guardian of the weak and of the hopeless. A warrior is a flint among the diamonds and kindles a fire in others’ hearts. A warrior is more than a conqueror. A warrior has chosen to lead. A warrior has chosen to fight for what he believes. A warrior has chosen to serve the poor. A warrior has revealed his true heart to the world. A warrior has shined his light into the darkness. A warrior has shared the burdens of his fellows. A warrior acknowledges that he is not perfect. A warrior can forgive – both himself and his transgressors.   Because there is always hope, whether you choose to believe in it or not is your choice.   I am a warrior of God. Psst, want to learn how to write poetry like this? If so, you may want to check out our poetic toolbox, which explains nine key poetic tropes and how to use them effectively in your writing. Click the link to the right to get access to the toolbox. Almost Finished--Check Your Email to Confirm Your Email Address! Email Claim My Free...

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Passing Moments

  A great poem reminding us that pain and loss are only temporary, and that God is in the process of making all things right and bringing everything into His kingdom. By Sarah Spradlin Breathe. What a gift it is to simply be. To see. To know. To love. But not this day, little one. This day you lament for the ones who will no longer be there. Whose smiles will fade away past the edge of time and memory. You stare at the empty desk as though you can bring him back, but he is with Me. Here he is safe. And so are all who have said goodbye, who have given their last breath and embraced the future. So many tears have fallen from your eyes, My Child. I hold them in My hands. You call out to Me. Lost. Scared. Afraid. But you are brave. You are strong. You are Mine. Open your eyes. Dry your tears and remember each moment is a gift. You cannot foresee what will come. You act as though you know. Day in day out. But what passes through My eyes is so much different than yours’. A whispered goodbye escapes your cracking lips as you lay your head against your arms, but not before your eyes behold the paling face of someone you loved. Who to you is gone. But what...

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