Author: Sarah Spradlin

In My Garden of Starlight

Oh, my child, running from my garden, do you wonder at what you left behind? Oh, my child, now hiding from the darkness, wishing for a refuge, do you hear the whisper in your storm? Come back, my child— back into the garden, for between these walls, beneath my trees, in the midst of my murmuring creation, there is rest. You will taste peace. Breathe, as the wind blows, and savor my promises— hold them in your trembling lungs; they are faint but sweeter than those dark, bitter gales beating against you. I am pursuing you, pushing your clouds...

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A Farewell from Our Community Happiness Director

KeePers, For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sarah Spradlin. I’ve worn a couple hats these past four years at Kingdom Pen, first as a minute master for staff meetings (aka Secretary) before moving up to Community Happiness Director. Many of you have met me through KP’s email, which was one of my main duties besides social media and contest organization. However, I consider my most important accomplishment as being the chief note passer during meetings and confetti distributor. I’ve experienced writer’s block plenty of times, but I think this has been my worst case—not...

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What You Let Them Do

I watch their ambling machines, and I hope you dance, I hope you surprise— people will tie strings to you if you let them; don’t let me tie strings to you. People will make a machine out of you, fine-tune the life out of you. Perfectionism is an illusion written by people who are afraid of mistakes— by people who are so afraid of falling they never learned how to fly. And you can let them lead you— you can let them own you. You will walk along the line they paint for you, weep as you march on...

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When I was younger, I collected potshard stories about a place where grown-ups lived. I wondered about it on summer days— feet had grass-tickled toes and mud-caked heels, fingers were perches for butterfly kisses, ears were homes for the angels’ laughter, eyes were puddles for shooting stars to land, lips were promises of bedtime stories and adventure. People in those places, pinecone textbooks told me, had a kind of fluorescent-kissed skin. They stayed in these forests of cookie-cutter cubes and cork board canopies held up by aching metal arms and cold, stilt-like trunks. Maybe I’ll never grow up; grown-ups...

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KP Book Review: One of the Few

Will you be one of the few? Jason Ladd, a former Marine fighter pilot, draws a powerful correlation between our Christian search for truth with his own experience in and out of uniform in his book, One of the Few. This semi-autobiography tells the story of Ladd’s journey to Christ as he grappled with the disparity between his preparedness for the role of soldier and the role of husband and father. Throughout his novel, Ladd presents his own journey to Christ with uncommon vulnerability and constant clarity. If you love sugar-coated maxims and prosaic rainbows, then this book is...

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