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A Storyteller

It can often feel lonely being a writer, especially a Christian writer, but you are not alone.    By Alexander Weeks   Are you a storyteller? Can you think of anything But telling stories? Can you dream of anything But telling stories? Do you look at the world And see its beauty? Do you look at the world And see it’s endless stories? Do you feel that you are alone, That you are the only one? Is this what you think You are meant to do? Or do you know it? When you wake up to a new day Is telling stories The first thing you think of? And is it the last thing You think of before you go to bed? Do you see others in this world Who tell stories and ask yourself Are they anything like me? Odds are they aren’t, For a true Storyteller is rare. Can you look at something And turn it into something else? Something so different It is hard to recognize, Except by you? Do you wish That you can go into your stories. To live in them sometimes? To live alongside your characters, To experience your world With more than just your mind? Do you care for your stories As if they are your children To protect them To let nothing harm them To make sure no one takes them...

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War What War

 A poem reminding us that often our greatest enemy is ourselves. By Alexander Weeks – I have been gone at war. In truth I still am at war. And have been for too long. A war with myself, My mind, body, and soul. Who will win, Me or my foe? For my foe goes on unnamed. Who or what could my foe be? For that answer You must know My thoughts and secrets, But those are for me. Yet who am I? For that I must know. Or my foe undefeated it will be. But if I find my foe Will I win? It feels sometimes I have lost And other times I have won. But in the end, Has anything changed? There are times when I want to give up, to hide. And I have tried. And I have failed. I know that someone Is keeping me here, To keep fighting To keep going. That someone is unknown to me. Does this person even know That they are doing this? Who is this person And where could this person be, For I am empty, As well as lost, Lost in the darkness, And I need help, For this war to ever end. And I, as the victor Is what I have written here true? For me it is But is it true for you? Psst, want to learn...

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