Author: Rolena Hatfield

Interview on Dystopian and YA Literature with Author Nadine Brandes (+Giveaway!)

Back in April of this year, I was privileged to attend a Christian writers’ conference where Nadine Brandes led a workshop (one of the main reasons I registered for the conference). I’d been following Nadine for a while before the conference. I noticed how she was personal and sincere with her readers, wrote fun blog posts, and was becoming well known for her Out of Time series (which I didn’t read until after the conference, and now I’m a fan). She seemed to hold some secret to being an author that I wanted to know. Thus, I went to...

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A Seven-Step Process to Solve Moral Quandaries in Christian Storytelling

When I was younger, I wrote without any intention of showing my stories to anyone outside of my immediate family (and sometimes not even them). The stories were for my enjoyment only, since I was tired of borrowing books from the library that I would have to set down because of bad content. Then one day I discovered the power of storytelling. Without my knowledge, my grandma loaned the book I’d written to a friend who was an English teacher. Later she told me what she had done, and the feedback I received from the teacher was positive and...

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Tools for Overcoming Writer’s Block

As a Christian writer, my writing is a gift to be used by the Lord, so when times of writer’s block come, I feel like my stories are useless and I’ve wasted my time on the parts I’ve already completed. But in these cases, I’m learning to use certain tools in order to overcome writer’s block and continue to press on, to write for His glory. Tool Number One – Taking Action When I think about taking action, I envision a knight wielding his sword and climbing atop his horse. Or a farmer hoeing his dry crops as he...

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Writing For Christ By His Guidelines

I always need renewed vision when I’m writing. I’m constantly needed to be reminded of my purpose in why I’m writing in the first place. And recently I’ve been challenged to stop and think… Why is writing so important to me? Why do I spend hours at a time clicking away at the keys to add words to another page? Or maybe the question should be: why should writing be so important to me? Is the answer “because I love it” good enough? Or “because I have something to say”? Should these be the answers that justify the hours...

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