Author: Michael Stanton

Become a Steward of the Pen (and Earn Rewards!)

For many moons, the Kingdom of Pen has occupied a small corner of the land called Internet. We have enjoyed relative prosperity and comfort amidst the forum’s castle grounds and the rolling countryside of social media surrounding our kingdom. But now we stand at the dawn of a new era. Introducing the Stewards of the Pen! This branch of our kingdom will become stronger than the rest, subduing all those who dare oppose us as we infect every last region of Internet with our brand until we reign supreme! Did I just write that aloud? Well, uh … awkward....

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A New Focus for 2017

As we beckon in 2017, we prepare ourselves for tragic misadventures that all start with last-minute New Year’s resolutions: “I’m going to write ten novels in 2017!” “I’m going to write the next [insert favorite work of literature here]!” “I’m going to stop overusing parentheses (because it gets annoying when you basically could have started a new sentence)!” It is hard to fulfill New Year’s resolutions (I am my own case in point). Perhaps the main reason we have so many tragic misadventures each year is because we have not yet developed the skills and habits needed to accomplish...

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How to Avoid Freaking Out During NaNoWriMo

Ah, fall…my favorite season. It is around this time each year that I find myself participating in a few of the essential autumn activities—apple picking, pumpkin carving, and freaking out because I am not ready for NaNoWriMo! In all likelihood, you have also participated in one or more of these activities yourself, but today I’d like for us to focus our attention on freaking out, and why you don’t have to. First, Freaking Out NaNoWriMo has become a staple event among writers, so I need not explain it to you here. An entire website has been dedicated to it...

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