Author: Melody Faith

Depression’s Journey

Darkness. Shadows. Pain. Just another human. Just another life. What was the point? Was it worth the fight? Every sunrise a battle. Every sunset a temptation. Doubt. Fear. Anger. Monsters in the closet. Death. The terrifying escape. Just another human. Just another life. What was the point? Was it worth the life? Faith. Hope. Love. Spirits that clung. Life. The path of light. Love responded. “Not just another human.” A child of someone greater. Hope called. “Not just another life.” A future of inspiration. Faith pressed. “Christ was the point.” He deemed the life worthy.  Peace. Light. Purpose. Figures...

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How to Research Historical Fiction

How many of us have shied away from historical fiction because of research? Hand raises. Yes, it is a terrifying part of the process. Your biggest fear? That history buff reading your book with a disgusted face at your gall to say they used gold spoons in the Jamestown fort. I have been a part of a debate team this past school year. The bulk of the work on the team is research. Tons and tons of research. I personally have always loved researching. Fact finding is like treasure hunting for me. So over the school year I have...

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10 Romance Cliches to Boycott

Romance. Generally, a genre I choose to steer clear of. Always. Which can occasionally put me in an awkward situation. Being a girl and all. I am just more of an action girl. It has always been my favorite. But I hear the word ‘romance’ and wince.  I have nothing against those who love writing romance fiction; it is simply not my strong point. (Believe me, I tried. Don’t ask about it. It was ugly.) Besides all this, I do appreciate some romance fiction; properly executed, I really love it. My favorite romance author is Francine Rivers. She is...

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Blurring the Lines Between Light and Darkness

By Melody Faith Writing or reading a dark book can be a very debatable topic for Christians. How dark is too dark? How much gore is too much? It has gone back and forth for years. Recently, I read an interview with Ted Dekker discussing the darkness in his writing. He explains why he feels the need for it. He wants a distinct difference between good and evil in his stories. He wants readers to look at evil and be repulsed by it while they look at good and see the beauty in it. I found this to be...

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Forgotten Aspects of Action

By Melody Faith  Action and Adventure is a large genre of novels today. One of my favorites, in fact. A large part of these novels is, of course, action. Fist fights, gunman chases, sword duels, battle scenes: all those intense scenes that make the action a reality in the story. I have always enjoyed action in stories.When it comes to writing it, there are some pretty main points that young writers tend to forget. They are the forgotten aspects of action scenes.   Cinema Impression That scene where you can practically see the camera angles for each scene. See the...

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