Author: Mariposa Aristeo

Four Tips for Adding Color to Black and White Sentences

I love color—especially bright, bold colors. That’s why I rarely draw in black and white. But even a black and white sketch can be beautiful, whereas black and white writing is as bland as bread and water. Spreading jam on that bread and infusing fizz in that water will make a huge difference. The paint of creativity adheres to any writing. Granted, nonfiction has less leeway for creativity than fiction, but that’s a lame excuse for being boring. Readers will more likely remember a fact if you write it in a unique way. So, whether you are writing an...

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One Million Dreams

I have one million dreams, Or at least so it seems. I dream of being an artist who splashes life onto pages, And of penning adventures that captivate all ages. I dream of being an animator like Walt Disney himself, And seeing my name printed on a novel on some bookstore’s shelf. I dream of being a chef whose delicacies everyone craves, And cracking jokes that ripple laughter like waves. I dream of devouring all the theological masterpieces of literature, And someday memorizing every sentence, word, and letter of Scripture. I dream of launching a blog that ignites smiles...

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The Legend of Dragonwood

“No man has escaped alive from it yet. I caught a glimpse of it many years ago, but no one has seen it since.” Overhearing the soldier’s conversation, Cerelia shivered. Dragonwood loomed yonder. Each time a hunter returned, the dragon’s wings grew longer, its claws sharper, and its fire breathing hot enough to melt a horseshoe in five seconds. She squinted up at the sun. Its rays scorched her arms like burning coals, but failed to warm her beyond the skin. She slipped under the cover of her shack, brushing the ashes into the street with a broom. Shoving...

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What Life Is

What is life? What defines it? Even the dictionary can’t describe it. If you had to define it, what would you see? If it was left up to me, this is what it’d be: Life is more than writing and reading a book, More than eating and learning how to cook, It is more than watching movies and having fun, More than buying merchandise by the ton, Life is more than science, math, and school. It is more than impressing people and being called “cool.” If that was all life was, I’d call my life useless, And the best...

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The Divine Letter

God’s Word is very special indeed, More than anything I’ll ever need. It is a pillow of comfort to rest my weary head, The satisfying food with which I long to be fed, The water that quenches my strongest thirst, The shelter that protects me from the worst, The loving teacher who guides me to the path of light, The law that informs me of what’s wrong and what’s right, The candle that lights up the darkest room, The song of joy in the midst of gloom, The sword that pierces the stiff-necked soul, The shield that blocks every...

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