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Interview with Daniel Schwabauer

We at Kingdom Pen are here to announce that our upcoming issue (May/June) will include an exclusive interview with Daniel Schwabauer. Daniel Schwabauer is an award-winning author, teacher, and creator of the One Year Adventure Novel, the Amazing Gospel, Amazing True Life Stories and College Boot Camp. His professional work includes stage plays, radio scripts, short stories, newspaper columns, comic books and scripting for the PBS animated series Auto-B-Good. His young adult novels, Runt the Brave and Runt the Hunted, have received numerous awards, including the 2005 Ben Franklin Award and the 2008 Eric Hoffer Award. He graduated from Kansas University’s Masters program in Creative Writing in 1995. He lives in Olathe, Kansas with his wife and daughter. Here are previews of a few of the questions Kingdom Pen asked Mr. Schwabauer:    How does your faith in Christ affect your writing? I used to write because I wanted people to read my words. Now I only write when I have something to say. This is a direct result of Christ changing my life from a miserable me-centered existence to something more purposeful. I don’t claim to be perfect.  In my stories I tend to avoid some of the techniques and tropes of Christian fiction because I believe that in some ways Christian fiction limits itself too much…   What are some of the most effective ways you have...

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N.D. Wilson Interview: Advice for Young Writers

During a live interview hosted by Classical Conversations’ founder Leigh Bortins, Kingdom Pen asked N.D.Wilson, “What advice do you have for young writers who want to get published?” Here’s what he said: “This is one of those things where I can give everyone the magic bullet, or give everyone the trick that will make it happen, and then like all good magic bullets it’s not actually that easy. So, the way to get your books published is to make them very, very good. That’s what it comes down to. [laughs] Get really good – which is another way of saying control what you can control, and don’t worry about what you can’t. “What can you control? You can control the words on the page in front of you. You can control how hard you work to improve in your prose craft, in your description, in your character work and dialogue. You can go through exercises. You can write whole novels and throw them away, and start on the next one. Really try to get good, until you can walk through a Barnes & Noble, and without arrogance say, “Here’s this book, here’s this award-winner, here’s this one,” and not out of any cockiness or arrogance, actually just say honestly, “I think I’m as good as these people in my craft. I am as good or better.” “Then the publishers...

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From the Editor’s Corner: Thoughts on the Beginning of Kingdom Pen

By Eli King I first had the idea for this newsletter/mini-mag back in February of 2010 while attending a seminar with Mr. Gregg Harris of Oregon. In it he mentioned how his son, Joshua, at the age of 14, was inspired to write a magazine aimed at teens after listening to the founder of WORLD magazine, Mr. Joel Belz, explain his own ideas. The magazine Josh ran was called “New Attitude,” and ran for a few years. When I heard that, I thought: “what a good idea. Somebody should do that for young Christian writers, too.” I didn’t say...

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