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By Maya Toman When the elf entered the tavern, everything about him screamed trouble. His long hair, forest-green tunic, leather boots, and runic rings shouldn’t be allowed. He didn’t have an earphone either. Even un-integrateds wore earphones. Maynard tapped the shiny device that curved around her ear like an old-fashioned hearing aid. She twisted her hand in the air, focusing her gaze on the elf. The lines and dots before her eyes, informing her that the temperature was 78.4 degrees Fahrenheit and that she had nine unread messages, morphed into a different sequence. ID: Emrys Yymyr Ende Race: Elf...

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I Should Be

By Ingrid Dornbirer With Jesus inside me, I should be strange, White against a sea of black. With Christ in charge, I should be lovely, A rose among thorns. With the Savior on my side, I should be fearless, Saying no when everyone says yes. If the Comforter has rescued me, I should be compassionate, One who dries the tears of others. If God is gracious, I should be hopeful, Knowing I’m never alone. If the Father loves me, I should be alive, Ready for whatever may come. If my Redeemer lives, I should be joyful, Singing His praises....

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How to Enrich Your Story with Magic

By Amy Caylor I’ve always adored fantasy. I’m fascinated with princesses in castles and knights battling dragons. But I especially love magic (and yes, Christians can write about it with discretion). To live in a world where books have self-turning pages and torn clothes can be mended with a gesture would be delightful. I’m particularly drawn to unique magic systems. Over the years, I’ve observed stories where magic was thrown in as a component of the genre, and others where magic was purposefully included. Brandon Sanderson’s laws of magic have helped me identify two factors that set apart a...

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When the Towers Fell

By Eliza Downer One normal autumn day Lurking darkness flew Few knew of the coming evil Morning coffee, rushed goodbyes, final hugs Clocked in, ready to work Lunch break, stay or leave? A loud crash, confusion, unknown Run confused to the light Firemen gear up Rush to the scene They ran, yet not away Toward the smoke Toward unknown death Tears were shed We grew as a nation The day the towers fell Rising from the ashes We are not defeated Eliza Downer is a teacher by day and a writer by night. She can often be found hiking...

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Night and Day

By Isabelle Evans There she stood, Tall and pale in the moonlight, Pearlescent eyes glowing, Silver scales shining. The dragon queen, Glorious majesty, Hatched from a moon, Fathered by a star. She opens her mouth, Breathing silver fire into the night, Casting light across the darkened sky, Dimming the very stars themselves. As the moon sets she roars, A pure, beautiful note, Resounding through the air, She cocks her head and listens. A reply echoes back, A jet of ruby flames cast across the hazy sky, The dragon king comes with the dawn, Dressed in all the colors of...

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