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Night and Day

By Isabelle Evans There she stood, Tall and pale in the moonlight, Pearlescent eyes glowing, Silver scales shining. The dragon queen, Glorious majesty, Hatched from a moon, Fathered by a star. She opens her mouth, Breathing silver fire into the night, Casting light across the darkened sky, Dimming the very stars themselves. As the moon sets she roars, A pure, beautiful note, Resounding through the air, She cocks her head and listens. A reply echoes back, A jet of ruby flames cast across the hazy sky, The dragon king comes with the dawn, Dressed in all the colors of...

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Interview on Character Creation and Christian Writing with S. D. Smith (+3 Book Giveaway!)

Yes, KeePers, we’re giving away three signed books (two of them in hardback) courtesy of the latest author we’re interviewing. Our very own Christi Eaton met S. D. Smith, a member of the Story Warren, at a convention earlier this year. Not only did she enjoy talking with him, but she also got multiple signed books from him to do a giveaway. Read on to hear S. D. Smith’s perspective on writing as a Christian and creating characters. The Writing Life KP: What is the most difficult aspect of writing for you? Smith: Finding a comfortable chair is challenging. I think the most...

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What Life Is

By Mariposa Aristeo What is life? What defines it? Even the dictionary can’t describe it. If you had to define it, what would you see? If it was left up to me, this is what it’d be: Life is more than writing and reading a book, More than eating and learning how to cook, It is more than watching movies and having fun, More than buying merchandise by the ton, Life is more than science, math, and school. It is more than impressing people and being called “cool.” If that was all life was, I’d call my life useless, And...

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My Testimony

By Natalie Griffin That glorious day I felt a stir, One in my heart that I’d never heard. It was the Word Coming to intervene in my lost, broken life, To be a light in my darkness and a relief to my strife. Although it’s fair to say in my eight-year-old circumstance, I didn’t give the true meaning of “new life” a second glance. It wouldn’t be until several years later That I would finally understand the true impact of my Savior, And when my Jesus was nailed to a tree, He thought of me that day at Calvary....

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The Divine Letter

By Mariposa Aristeo God’s Word is very special indeed, More than anything I’ll ever need. It is a pillow of comfort to rest my weary head, The satisfying food with which I long to be fed, The water that quenches my strongest thirst, The shelter that protects me from the worst, The loving teacher who guides me to the path of light, The law that informs me of what’s wrong and what’s right, The candle that lights up the darkest room, The song of joy in the midst of gloom, The sword that pierces the stiff-necked soul, The shield...

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