Dead Pens

By D.G. Snapper

Oh no!

Not again.

Why me?

This pen!

I unscrew the lid

And check the ink holder

The color is all there

But angered, the author


The pen I rebuild

Then place on the table

It should work

But why isn’t it able?

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Our Hope

By Zelphia Peterson

Our_Hope“And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.” (1 Peter 5:10)

How can you stay and suffer endless pain?

This life, the trials that it bears.

How can you fight to win the joys and gains

That lighten burdens, won so hard from cares?

What hope sustains, what lofty measure fills

The void that formed through years of dreams untold?

What ray of light defies the dark that kills;

What life endures, though death would make it cold?

What courage beats to strengthen hearts to love

In spite of curses loud, to walk the way

Not for the faint of heart without resolve?

A hope so bold it stirs a soul to say,

“Though through a hundred years of pain I’ve called,

I have still this—eternity with God.”

zelphia-petersonZelphia Peterson is twenty years old and a native of the Twin Cities region of Minnesota. Currently she lives with her parents and her sister as she pursues her master’s degree in Global Public Health. Ever since she wrote her first poem at a costume party in first grade, Zelphia has remained fascinated by wordplay in poetry. For her, perfection is when rhyme, rhythm, and aesthetic sound serve the meaning behind the poetry. She draws much of her inspiration from Scripture and the natural wonders of creation, as well as human experience in general. In her free time, Zelphia enjoys making music in any form, reading voraciously, painting, archery, camping and backpacking with her family, chatting with her sister, and serving her church. She hopes to someday serve the Lord in another country by using her training as a public health worker.

When My Lungs Burn

By Melinda Delamarter

I see you

You’re standing at the edge of this forest


The entire world has already passed through

They’re living their lives on the other side in peaceful bliss


Of the terror you go through every morning

Struggling to face the uncertainties that rise up and slap you every second


Of the agony it takes for you to crawl out of bed each time the sun rises

Even though you know you’re facing seventeen hours of gut-wrenching pain


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KP Book Review: The Lost Girl of Astor Street

By M. R. Shupp

If your best friend was kidnapped, to what lengths would you go to bring her home?

Piper Sail is an eighteen-year-old woman living amidst the jazzy 1920s. When her best friend, Lydia, goes missing, Piper breaks the societal expectations for a woman her age and investigates the disappearance. She earns the disapproval of many, but she does catch the eye of a handsome detective named Mariano.The_Lost_Girl_of_Astor_Street Together, they continue to search, but Piper discovers information that makes her believe Lydia’s abduction is part of a bigger scheme.

Stephanie Morrill’s novel will transport you to the heart of glitzy 1920s Chicago, complete with flapper dresses, speakeasies, mobsters, and corruption. When I began reading the story, I was surprised at how quickly it came to life. Morrill contrasted the affluence of Astor Street against the underbelly of Chicago through detailed description that blew me away. [Read more…]


By Hannah Whatley

When I was a child, I spoke as a child;

I acted and thought and felt as a child,

But then I turned seventeen.


Seventeen—Oh, the great and glorious mystery,

Between the realms of infancy and maturity;

The questions of life that shape our future history

Are laid unadorned before us—Oh, the treachery

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Five Methods to Flesh Out a Character

By Naomi Jackson

It’s happened to every writer. You push through thousands of words like butter, and then a pivotal character suddenly dries up. The voices in your head stop talking. You’re stranded without a plot or character arc, because it’s impossible to portray a person you know nothing about.

Never fear! Below I will describe five ways that have helped me uncover more random facts about my characters and delve into their motivations to understand who they truly are. Once you’re inside a character’s mind, it’s easier to predict what he wants and where he’s going.5_Methods_to_Flesh_Out_a_Character

Interview Your Character

You’ve probably seen graphics on Pinterest that prompt writers to jot down ten or twenty details about their characters that readers may never learn. These lists can be a great asset. Scribble down whatever pops into your head first and feel free to be silly, but it’s crucial to dwell on the tougher questions too. What is your character’s worst fear? Favorite childhood memory? Why did she choose this profession/quest/etc.? What drives her forward? [Read more…]

KP Book Review: Gunner’s Run

By Bethany Melton

Are you a World War II fanatic like me? If tales of war heroes and rugged survival immediately draw your imagination into the excitement of historical drama, then I have a must-read for you.

Nineteen-year-old Jim Yoder doesn’t consider himself a hero. He would be the first to admit his fear and doubt in the face of the impending perils of World War II. Jim’s unlikely and painful journey toward discovering faith in someone far more powerful than the Axis powers is only one aspect of the exhilarating novel, Gunner’s Run.Gunner_s_Run

Shortly after graduating high school and meeting his sweetheart, Margo, Jim is enlisted as a USAAF gunner with the 44th bombardment group in the war that rages across the ocean. Though his religious father opposes Christian involvement in war, Jim is eager to join the fight for freedom as an Ally. As each air raid mission intensifies, however, Jim longs for home and for the war to end soon. But that doesn’t happen. Instead, Jim finds himself fleeing as a downed escapee in enemy territory. This ordeal changes the young atheist’s life forever. Will he ever see his home or family again? [Read more…]


By KayleighAnne Stanton

“What is faith?” my teacher asked,

his brow furrowed in wonder.

He didn’t know how I stayed strong

while the world was pulled asunder.

I could have given him a simple answer,

but instead I did not.


For Christ is king and died for me—

and that He would have not.

So I looked at him and smiled,

and began at the place to start,

sharing a song from my very heart.

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Majesty Complete

 By Joy Peklenk

The ground I stand on shrinks below my feet

As does my soul and my great worlds inside

As I gaze up to majesty complete

To glowing specks of fire that melt my pride


How distant are those hypnotizing dots

How radiant those terrible ghosts of light

And all of this land’s sights and sounds, they rot

When my young eyes and those ghost lights unite

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Dancing in the Dark

By Isabelle Evans

I put my headphones in,

And I begin to sway,

I rock back and forth to the music

And welcome in the day.


No one knows I hear it,

I doubt they’d even care,

But my music is special,

I find my quiet here.

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