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Hiding from the Light

By Ingrid Dornbirer Where is darkness when I need it most? I must drown out the voice That now means nothing, For hope is dead and faith is scarce. Hide, hide; the light is blinding. Where it shines I cover my face With my weary hands, Stained and scarred. My heart is bitter and cracked After years and years of regret And frustration. But still, no one is there. I’ve called with no answer, Sung with no tune, And the melody is starting to leave me— A life emptied of song. I wander away, Down a long and dark...

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Six Tips to Help the Unmotivated Writer Thrive Again

By Moriah Simonowich I was smitten with the dream of authorship as a young girl. One afternoon, I wrote a book of my own with every fiber of my determined, nine-year-old self. In reality, it was only a notepad filled with a few thoughts I jotted down about a main character who strongly resembled me. At twelve, my love for the writing craft continued. I penned short story after short story. My characters lived and breathed inside various notebooks, computer documents, and scattered sheets of paper. Soon after, a friend introduced me to blogging and helped me set one...

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Announcing Our New Resource Library!

Hey, KeePers! Since the beginning of this year, we’ve wanted to offer you more free resources to aid you with your writing. It took us longer than expected to launch them because we had to roll out a new web design first. But today we are pleased to announce our new free resource library for Christian writers. Here’s what you’ll find on the shelves: An in-depth character questionnaire to help you get past superficial personality traits and discover the core of your story’s characters. A poetry toolbox explaining nine techniques to enhance your abilities as a poet. A list...

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Five Common World-Building Mistakes and How to Correct Them

By Naomi Jackson World building is one of my favorite activities. I look forward to a session with my notebook like some people look forward to watching Netflix. This enjoyment of creating a fantasy world heightens my awareness of weaknesses. Even with extensive effort, sometimes a fantasy novel is deficient. I could be reading about the greatest characters ever conceived, but I can’t savor the story if the setting seems implausible. As an author, I never want to commit any of the world-building mistakes I see others make—and as a friend, I hope to help you avoid these pitfalls...

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The Seventieth Sketch

By D. G. Snapper Relatives slowly drifted out of the funeral reception into their own sunny lives. When the last suburban carrying toddlers and grandkids rolled down the street, Ruel Johnson clicked the door shut and twisted the locks with unchallenged sourness. He slumped into a tattered gray armchair, the red recliner next to him vacant. A lump hit his throat like a meteor as he realized that his ninety-nine-year-old wife would never fill it again. With tears threatening to escape, Ruel stood and wandered into the studio. Her studio. Elizabeth had always been the artist, whether she was...

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