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The Human Mind

By Olivia Morgan White The human mind is truly the scariest thing of all. It twists and warps and spirals and spins… And slowly you lose control. Life jumps out of proportion, And nothing makes sense. Monsters evolve from mist As the mind manufactures fear, And terror pounces upon us without warning. Obstacles become mountains As the stones we should have stepped over Now seem to be insurmountable. Nothing is as it seems; no one can be trusted, Especially not yourself. The world is a dark and dismal place, A dungeon with no way out. You find yourself underwater,...

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Why Do Young Writers Love the KP Forum?

Last summer, we collected some thoughts from forum users on how the KP forum has helped them grow as writers. Today we’re excited to share what they had to say. (You forum users may recognize several of the people here!) Curious about how the forum community has impacted and equipped different writers in their pursuits? Listen to their thoughts below!...

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Engage Readers by Giving Your Characters Unfulfilled Motivations

By Lindsi McIntyre Without motivations, protagonists will be awkward observers to the happenings around them. They will be unable to drive the plot and capture readers’ hearts. Although you can sometimes get away with giving side characters smaller, more attainable goals, a protagonist’s incentives need to be strong enough to support an entire novel. The Root of Strong Motivations When characters want something they lack and can’t live without, that’s motivation. This need is often both physical and emotional—such as a protagonist who must escape from an abusive relationship for the sake of her physical and mental health. However,...

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By S. F. Dekreel My brain is wrecked, my heart is hollow Dwelling on the idols I’ve been trying to follow I listen to them quarrel and fight in my head Hungry and greedy for a place on my throne In theory, Christ’s throne But it’s become mine I can almost hear them shouting at me “Come here, my friend, my devotee!” So many times I’ve listened to that voice And let them whisk me into their world That corrupted world Of corrupted vanity They’re almost like vines that climb and invade They block out the sun; the light...

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The Price of Heroism

By Valari Westeren Corinna paced back and forth across the marble floor of her bedroom, fiddling with a fold of her satin skirt. Where was Markus? He always showed up before ten. What if the heralds’ announcement had stopped him from coming? A familiar voice interrupted her thoughts. “Would the princess prefer red or green apples?” Marcus peeked through the silk curtains framing her open window and flashed a crooked grin as he hoisted a basket of apples onto the sill. She ran to him and grabbed his arm, helping him climb inside. “What took so long?” she demanded....

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