Author: Kate Flournoy

How to Achieve Multiple Levels of Conflict in One Scene

Conflict is often viewed as two forces that clash and cause tension, but it’s much more complicated than that. Conflict is engaging because it prevents a character from attaining a desirable goal, which readers can empathize with because of the struggles in their own lives. Perhaps the character is a little boy named Billy who wants a cookie, but the jar is out of reach. This presents an obstacle, but it’s a less effective use of conflict because it’s not dichotomous. The Essence of Conflict Is Contradiction Readers need two sides to root for, not just one character and...

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Perfectionist’s Prayer

Lord, give me the courage to accept that I am human. Give me the confidence to plod in the path You’ve given me, Even when others soar, And the peace to wish them joy with a whole heart. Remind me that I am where I am Because You placed me here, And that the plans I have for myself Aren’t necessarily the plans You’ve had for me from the beginning— Plans for good, and not for evil, as You promised. Give me the faith to accept that You know what You’re doing. Let me look at the lives of...

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In losing lies the finding. In sacrifice the gain. Freedom is a binding rope, And liberty a chain. Loving is releasing. Releasing is relief. Devotion is a letting go, And knowledge is belief. Hatred is unworthiness. Unworthiness a void. Grace is for the graceless one, And reason has destroyed. In giving up lies victory. Humility is strong. Submission leads to freedom’s gate, And time is not so long. A spirit lives forever. The lives of men are mists. Work is vain endeavor, And a paradox exists. Psst, want to learn how to write poetry like this? If so, you...

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Story Of The Seed

I was a small, round, smooth, brown seed with a rough, sturdy cap at the top and a hardy stem. The tree to which I belonged was a great tree, with leaves that spread their lush, verdant emerald veil between me and the bright blue of the sky, and reached out with gnarled, spreading arms as if to touch the stars. I always went in awe of this tree, for to my small perception and narrow minded adoration it seemed the greatest embodiment of power and majesty in all the confines of our forest, and our lands. My tree—...

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