Author: Graham Jackson

Simple Ways to Motivate the Sluggish Poet

When I sit down to undertake the strangeness of writing poetry, I like to contemplate metaphors that enhance my understanding of the task. For instance, writing is like breaking frozen ground with a shovel (which this New Englander has done before, whether on purpose or inadvertently). Sometimes the shovel cracks or dents from the combination of harsh temperatures and heavy impact. Usually the ground remains stubbornly unbroken in spite of the effort. The current season is another metaphor in itself. Autumn is inspiring and invigorating. Daily routines get busier and then slow down with winter on the horizon. It...

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Using Repetition and Alliteration to Orchestrate a Brilliant Ballad

When we think about the fantasy genre, our minds’ search engines typically conjure up epic, lengthy narratives about knights and their escapades. In reality, the land of the quotidian, we have to satisfy our hunger for imaginative escape through fantasy novels. Poetry is unrelated, right? Poetry, in many ways, is the art of the everyday—pondering and appreciating life’s little details. How can the art of the fantastic and the art of the everyday relate? I don’t claim to provide a comprehensive answer to this question here. However, fantasy and poetry (the otherworldly and the everyday) do embrace each other,...

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