Author: Emily Kopf

KP Book Review: King’s Folly

In response to the immorality and idolatry of the five nations, the one true God Arman sends judgement through severe natural disasters called the Five Woes. But the five nations do not understand this yet. Instead, they are caught up in political games and power struggles amid dealing with the first of the Five Woes. The king of the most powerful nation, Armania, vacillates to choose one of his three sons, Wilek, Janek, or Trevn, as his heir. Meanwhile, Armania’s enemy plots to kidnap Wilek and use him to fulfill a false prophecy. Subterfuge, schemes, and danger abound. King’s...

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KP Book Review: Shadows of the Hersweald

The war is over, and the Prince has pardoned everyone who rebelled. But what will happen to those who continue to harm the innocent? When the small town of Nerthach receives news of the pardon, the residents have mixed feelings. Haydn, a former rebel, spurns the pardon, believing that he and the rest of the bandits pillaging his village deserve punishment. He is willing to endure the penalty himself as long as the others are retributed for their ongoing crimes. Haydn is determined to find a way to catch and judge those marauders with the help of his stepsister,...

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KP Book Review: The Woodcutter

The Woodcutter is the keeper of the peace between the Faerie realms and the magical, human kingdoms. But all is not right in the Wood and the Twelve Kingdoms. A young woman with chipped glass slippers lies dead in the Wood, without even a bruise to indicate the cause of her demise. A Wolf is loose. Only the Woodcutter can catch him and uncover his employers, and every clue the Woodcutter finds reveals a more sinister plot than previously imagined. The Woodcutter by Kate Danley fuses popular fairy tales, mythology, and folk tales into an unforgettable story. It is...

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KP Book Review: Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

Everyone in the galaxy has a gift, similar to a magical talent, which develops during puberty. Few have a fate, an inevitable future event in their lives. Akos and his brother have fates, which makes them dangerous, despite being only the children of a farmer and an oracle. Cyra and her older brother, the children of a bloodthirsty emperor, also have fates. When their identities and fates are revealed, the lives of these four intertwine in ways that no one, not even the oracles, foresaw. Veronica Roth, author of the Divergent Series, recently released her latest novel, Carve the...

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KP Book Review: For Love and Honor by Jody Hedlund

From birth, Lady Sabine’s arm has been blotched by a bizarre birthmark. In a culture where beauty is regarded as symbolizing the state of a person’s soul, a slip of her glove could have her branded as a witch and killed. But despite all the pressure, Sabine dreams of finding acceptance from her friends, community, and God. For Love and Honor is the third and final book in Jody Hedlund’s An Uncertain Choice series. Although readable as a standalone novel, it features many of the main characters from the first book in the series, namely Sir Bennet, Sabine’s counterpart....

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