Author: Daniel Thompson

KPradio E#5 ~ Allegories and Alien Noah’s Ark with Sarah Spradlin

  “THE RABBIT HOLE NEVER ENDS, TOM.”   Hiya peeps.  In this lovely episode of Kingdom Pen Radio, we have the equally lovely Sarah Spradlin in studio to talk about the Christian sub-genre known as Allegory.  And, of course, we can’t leave it at that, so we outline our own.  It’s pretty crakalakin.   What you’ll learn in this episode: Sarah’s favorite allegories Happy Endings vs Sad Endings (Editor’s Note: Thanks Sarah for using my story as a negative example. Glad I could help!) Elements of allagory and themescape Fantasy as an allegorical medium What an Alien* Noah’s Ark would...

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KPradio E#4 ~ Fantasy, Self-Publishing, and Seat-of-the-Pants with Bryan Davis

  “Kingdom Pen Radio: The Only Good Thing about Mondays”   Bryan Davis steps into the house! Daniel talks him through his dragon obsession, they discuss why Bryan loves fantasy so much, delve into dystopia, and give away a book at the end. As is becoming traditional, we’re spoiling you people rotten. What you’ll learn in this episode Bryan’s dragon obsession Working on projects for long periods of time Unconventional brainstorming Bryan’s writing seasons Bryan’s daily word-counts – Homeschool-dad Life – Bryan actually likes Math and Science, like whaddaheck – How Bryan started writing – Why Bryan loves fantasy...

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KP Radio E#3 ~ Screenwriting and the Author’s Film Process with Eric Johnson

“Kingdom Pen Radio.  It’s, like, presents every week.  Except it’s Daniel’s creepy voice.  Creepy presents.”   On THIS EXCITING EPISODE (can you feel the drama?  I feel the drama) Eric and Daniel converse intelligently (read as “geek out”) on writing for film, Eric’s latest released project “Ella”, screen prose vs novel prose, and we give away FREE STUFF.   What you’ll learn in this episode: Benefits of film Producing Who is Eric Johnson Film as a storytelling medium Screen prose vs novel prose Eric’s writing process on screenplays Outlining a screenplay Word vomit outlining The intricacies of Cowriting Indie Film...

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KP Radio #2 ~ Christian Themes in Weird Stories and other Tips with Kerry Nietz (Amish Vampires in Space)

  WE’RE BACK, TURKEYS!*   Having somehow survived for a second episode, Daniel and Kerry talk about the development of two of Kerry’s books, the challenges and benefits of writing without an outline, the 2 key elements to becoming successful in career writing, and to wrap it all up, they give away a book.  Can’t get a better deal than that.   What you’ll learn in this episode: How in the world a book called “Amish Vampires in Space” happened Why Kerry loves Sci-fi Organic themescaping Development of “A Start Curiously Singing” How Kerry became a part of Marcher Lord...

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Kingdom Pen Radio #1 – The Ultimate Canadian Love Story

  Yo guys.  Welcome to Kingdom Pen Radio.   In the inaugural episode of Kingdom Pen Radio, Daniel and Ezra map out an ancient Canadian love story, bash Hunger Games, give away a t-shirt, recite a culturally inaccurate Canadian poem, and generally make a mess of whatever professional reputation this show was intended to have.  But hey, this is what writers at work look like.  Abandon expectations, all who enter here . . .   Kingdom Pen Radio will release new episodes every Monday from now until they strap Daniel onto a platform and lock him away in a padded...

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