Author: Daeus

A Collection of Poems

Sublime In the softest swaying of a tree Lurks a certain quiet mystery Up above the sky in outer space Of this mystery we find a trace Hiding then in shadows of the dawn By a secret order goes the fawn Onward go all things in ordered pace Ruling of a kingdom, stitching lace Grasping every subject in His hold By Him all things happen as He told Turning water into potent wine By Him chaos sea is turned sublime Pain of Life and Mental Strife What lies ahead? Oh! What shall I find? Shall all come to ruin...

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All Art is Christian Art

All art is Christian art. That’s a rather bold statement. Immediately, objections start to pop into our minds. “But what about modern nihilistic art?” “What about a novel that teaches spiritualism?” “What about someone screaming viciously into a microphone with zero identifiable words?” All of these are good objections, but rather than disproving my statement, they lead us to the deeper question that lurks behind them all.  What is art? We are Christians and we base our lives and beliefs on the Bible. Let me bring you to the very beginning of that book. Genesis 1? Yes, Genesis 1:1...

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Writing Realistic Sword Fights

By Daeus Lamb Sword fights are common elements in literature and drama. Everyone wants to include them because they rouse the audience to mountainous heights of tension. What if you have no idea how sword fighting works, though? Even worse, what if you deceive yourself into thinking that you do? Come on, you’ve seen The Princess Bride. Isn’t that what sword fighting looks like? Not even close. I am not a “master of defense” by any means, but I do know enough to speak with authority on this issue. I was a fencer for about 2 ½ years; I...

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