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Reader Psychology Revealed: How Authors Can Connect Better with Bookworms

Do you struggle to find new readers and connect well with the ones you already have? What if you knew how readers think, what makes them act, and what they want from you? All these insights are revealed in the results of The Reader Behavior Survey. Last month, I polled 229 readers to try to learn what leads them to buy books and how they like to connect with authors. With this data, I’ve been able to unearth the principles authors need to implement to connect effectively with readers. Plunge into the slides below to discover the psychology of...

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Why Characters Who Love Each Other Won’t Ruin Your Novel

It’s possible you were taken aback at the title of this article. Maybe you once read a novel about happy people doing happy things in a happy world that caused you to cry in agony and run as fast as you could in search of a caged fight. Love means nothing ever happens, right? If people get along perfectly, where’s the conflict? And who wants to read a book about people who adore each other? As if romance isn’t a popular genre. But I’m not talking about romance. I’m talking about love in general. Your characters should love each...

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What Sherlock Holmes Can Teach You about Writing Descriptions

I’ve read approximately 60 percent of the Sherlock Holmes collection, and it’s hard for me to decide which book I like best. From a writer’s perspective, however, the choice is obvious. Filed under The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is an obscure mystery titled “A Case of Identity” that offers a gem of writing advice for those who pick up on it. The case begins with a visit from a woman in need of Sherlock’s assistance. He interviews the lady, and after she has left, he remarks that she intrigued him more than her case. Watson states, “You appeared to...

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The Writer’s Craft

Not lightly does a man aspire To tune to good his inky lyre To rebirth that old primordial fire When all that’s made was not In passion, God took thought And turned it by a word A twist from which we gain All that ever was Joy, grief, and pain He who would create must partake Of goblets drugged with heartache If he would souls awake Then he must bow. A servant to all He must drink bitter gall And learn to do as others fear— To garden with a tear And see within the coming dawn A flame...

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Can You Keep a Pure Mind While Reading about Darkness in Literature?

In my article, “All Art is Christian Art,” I proposed that any beauty in art must by necessity find its traces in the order of the world God created. My three main goals were to show that art is essentially objective, being grounded in God’s original design; to prove that secular literature can still give us an incredible understanding of God and his creation; and to help Christians evaluate literature and be savvy in their reading choices. I thought my case rested there, but through certain conversations, I began to realize that I had failed to cover a precept...

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