Author: Corey Poff

KP Book Review: The Phantom Tollbooth

Looking back on my favorite childhood books, I see The Phantom Tollbooth standing proudly near the front of a long and delightful line. Norton Juster’s fairytale (a better Alice in Wonderland than Alice in Wonderland) is like an old friend with whom you can have a tête-à-tête anywhere, anytime, because you’re just that tight. It’s a comfortable relationship, a fond one, and – as others who have fallen in love with the story can attest – pretty much indissoluble. One does not simply outgrow a book this good. Our hero is Milo. Milo the Drab. Milo the Apathetic. Milo the...

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KP Book Review: Ender’s Game

Far and away, Science Fiction is my favorite genre to write. However, when it comes to reading Sci-fi, there’s a lot of…weird stuff out there. Not only that, but much of it is cliche or soaked to the bone in Humanism.  Because of this, my experience reading Sci-fi has been a mixed bag. That being said, Ender’s Game was definitely one of the gems. I stumbled upon Ender’s Game after reading a book on writing Science Fiction by the same author, Orson Scott Card. Through reading his “how to” book, I discovered that Card himself had written an award winning Science...

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