Author: Carolyn G.

I See You Waiting

I see you waiting, Waiting there for me With tears that flow like a river And a heart that longs to be free   I see you crying Crying for a love That holds your heart in chaos And makes you his beloved   I see you searching Searching for a hold But you can’t see me here Giving you a hope   I see you finding Finding what isn’t me You give your heat to another Praying that he won’t leave   I see you screaming Screaming late at night At the world that has left you bruised...

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Will You Hear?

A poem on the power of music.   Will you hear? It floats through the air The sound splashes like a waterfall Tumbling over the rapids Will you be silent? There is a gentle noise Gathering up like the clouds Ready for the rain to spill over   Will you be still? And feel the vibrating floors It moves through the ground And touches every wall   Will you not see? The fingers that trace the white and black keys They press in perfect time And feel the melody flow   Will you listen? The careful sound of bow over...

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Broken Face

A poem depicting our freedom and life in Christ By Carolyn Garner – Eyes of fire Mouth that hates Tongue that scorns Heart that lies – Shoves out thought That torments soul Kills the hope Of ones who mourn  – Buries love To help forget Pain it caused The ones who left  – Men meant to run Crawl in shame Conscience screams Of duty now lost – A heart twists Bruises and burns Ice like fire Melts to pain – Wracks the body Tortures the mind Kind words stab The heart that cries – Light stings Blinds the eyes...

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