Author: Josiah DeGraaf

What Is Kingdom Pen?

What is Kingdom Pen? Whenever someone asks me what Kingdom Pen is, I have a hard time describing it succinctly. We may have started out as an online magazine. But at this point, we’re so much more than that. So at our annual staff retreat, we recorded a video explaining what exactly Kingdom Pen is and what we do. Check it out below and share with your friends!...

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Character Types: The Sidekick

It’s the Day of the Sidekick. And that means a revolution is happening. Today, Josiah and Daniel were scheduled to discuss the potential merits of the sidekick. But instead, Daniel and Anna decided to take over the show. Is the sidekick an under-utilized, under-valued character who’s brushed aside far too often in modern literature? That’s the question the trio are debating in this latest episode of Kingdom Cinema. Previous Stereotypes: The Love Interest The Evil Overlord The Strong Female Character (TM) The Damsel in Distress The Parents The Comic Relief The Mentor The Henchman The...

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Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Your Story’s Theme Lacks Subtlety

Few flaws can kill a story’s theme and message as much as blatancy. We’ve all read books that constantly hit us over the head with the author’s beliefs. Afterwards we resolve never to do this as authors. But then we sit down to write and realize how easy it is to make this mistake. Why Subtlety Is Important As I explain in my article, “Is Fiction Inherently Worse Than Nonfiction,” literature’s thematic power lies in moving emotions, not reason. Generally speaking, stories don’t change readers by presenting new logical arguments. That’s the role of nonfiction. Instead, fiction changes readers by...

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Character Types: The Love Interest

As everyone knows, every good hero or heroine needs a love interest. Preferably multiple love interests for the sake of suspense. Just make sure that at least one of the love interests is perfect in every way. After all, we wouldn’t want the hero/heroine to have to learn wisdom in this relationship… …right? In our latest KP Character Types video, Josiah and Daniel take on the ‘Love Interest’ character type and discuss what it takes to write a truly compelling, non-cliched love interest. Hint: it doesn’t have to do with any of the afore-mentioned solutions. Sound Credit: Mike Koenig...

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Five Overused Clichés in Christian Fiction (and How to Avoid Them)

I have a love-hate relationship with Christian fiction. On the one hand, the genre has immense potential, because it transcends what it means to live as a human being to explore what it means to live as a Christian. When these stories are done well, like Dave Swavely’s Silhouette, Richard Ramsey’s The Song (yes, I’m aware this is a movie), or Sigmeund Brouwer’s The Last Disciple, they often become my favorites. On the other hand, the titles I’ve listed are the cream of the crop. For every exceptional Christian novel I read, I typically wade through five or six...

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