Author: Josiah DeGraaf

Why Young Writers Shouldn’t Wait to Build a Platform

When I was a teenager, my writing philosophy was simple: strive to make my work as great as possible, then start gathering a following once literary agents were interested in my book. After all, my publisher would help grow my audience, right? Two factors have changed my mindset since then. Firstly, I watched the renaissance of self-publishing transform the field from consisting of poorly written works to boasting strong novels. Secondly, I pitched my book to several literary agents at a Christian writers’ conference this year, and many of them liked the premise. But they wanted me to have...

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How to Write the Worst Villain Ever

What better way to celebrate the approaching end of our month focused on villains than to teach you to ignore everything you’ve just learned about how to write a good villain? *coughs* We couldn’t think of a better way at any rate. (Guess that tells you how much we know as writers.) At any rate, if you want to learn how to bore your reader to tears with your villain, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. Music Credit: Andromeda Coast Other Videos In This Series: How to Write the Worst Allegory Ever How to Write the Worst Fight Scene...

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How to Write the Worst Fantasy Novel Ever

We’re going to be honest. This video may not be able to tell you how to write the worst fantasy novel ever. Because there are too many published novels already jockeying for the spot. But we’re going to do our best. Because what else are we supposed to do on this channel apart from giving (un)helpful advice? Music Credit: Andromeda Coast Other Videos In This Series: How to Write the Worst Allegory Ever How to Write the Worst Fight Scene Ever...

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How to Write the Worst Fight Scene Ever

Yeah, we know. Kingdom Cinema videos are supposed to come out toward the beginning of the month, not toward the end of it. What can we say? Sometimes it takes a while to get a video just right. This video went through three different scripts and two re-shoots to get it just right. Now, however, it’s finished—and Daniel also gets to reveal if he was able to get his own KaPeeFer shirt. Click below to watch us spoil all the writing tips you thought you knew about writing fight scenes. Music Credit: Andromeda...

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Why Most Modern Christian Allegories Fail (and How to Prevent This)

As of this Saturday, I’ve been reviewing submissions at Kingdom Pen for four years. During this time, I have seen several trends in content that’s submitted for publication. Few are as prevalent as allegories. Roughly half our fiction submissions are allegories of some form. But I can count on one hand the number of allegories I’ve approved to be published over the past four years. Simply put, most modern Christian allegories are terrible. Somewhere along the road, it seems that Christian writers began to believe that traditional rules of writing compelling, three-dimensional characters and subtle, non-preachy themes don’t apply to...

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