By Emma Travis

The fabric was blank.

The void, so still, so silent,

Just You, You in Your beauty.

Threads of quiet universe

Hushed, waiting.


Wise and understanding, You knew,

Knew Your heart held love,

A thing more powerful

Than any solitary force.

You knew the void’s emptiness,

You saw the threads awaiting You.

Love rustled within You,

The only movement in all

Space, time, feeling.

You understood what Your creation,

Your coming children, would need.

Something that would last always

Never fade, never dull.

Though all else perish,

Though elements melt

And mountains split and crumble,

This alone would live, thrive.

You smiled,

And the threads of the universe trembled.

You touched the threads,

And they responded,

Reacted to Your fingers’ stroke.

Your voice rumbled through stillness,

Inescapable, thunderous, soft.

The first words the blankness heard,

Four breaths that the threads understood.

“Let there be light.”

And then was born hope eternal,

The picture of Your love,

Your heart so we could see it.

The fabric of nothingness hummed

As white revelation flooded

The threads in their formlessness.

You saw the brilliance.

You knew that it was good.

It would never disappear.

You would hold light in its place

For the eons of always.

We would look to it and hope.

This You knew as You took the threads

And ripped darkness from the light,

Keeping blackness forever opposed.

You harnessed the beams,

Contained them,

As threads spun into galaxies.

You painted the vastness dark,

Placing living stars to shine there,

And there wasn’t a place in the heavens

Where a light wasn’t in sight.

Then, long after, you made me.

The threads awaited Your touch,

Just as they had before.

The fabric of my soul was still,

Quiet, formless, hushed,

Waiting for light, waiting for You,

Just as the stillness had so long ago.

You softly struck the threads

As if they were an instrument

For only the Master to play.

You whispered a story into my silence,

One that I heard and believed:

How the Light of the world

Was offered us, offered me.

The Light knew who would hold onto Him,

And those who would see and disdain.

For those who held tight,

You tore the fabric of our souls asunder

And into emptiness Your Light cascaded.

Just as the galaxies had been given light,

So our souls contained the brilliance

That would never fade, never fail.

The threads of my soul breathed life

And beauty filled the bare.

Those who disdained You saw,

Saw the peace in our souls,

And still chose to reject it.

But as for us, we cling.

Your heart lies in our souls now,

The darkness shall not overcome it.

May I walk in Your Light, Lord,

Your own pulsing, beating heart:

The Light, bright as lightning.

EmArcheryEmma Travis is a sixteen year old living in northern Indiana. She has four siblings, one of whom was adopted from Ethiopia several years ago. Emma began writing when she was eight years old and hopes to encourage other believers in Christ by what she pens. Besides writing allegories and poetry, she enjoys swimming competitively, reading, archery, and hiking. Emma is hopeful to attend a missionary college in Illinois in order to begin ministry overseas after she graduates.