A Poem by Hannah Cochran

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Why am I the only one without someone to call my own

Always sitting by myself, oh, how I feel alone

No one to whisper their love, no one to hold my hand

No one to walk beside or give me a wedding band

No one to see me, I am just paper thin

No one to wonder how I am and ask me how I’ve been

No one to share my secrets, no one to share my pain

No one to say I’m beautiful and give me a brand new name

Oh, my dear, precious child how wrong you really are

Don’t you know that in my eyes you are more beautiful than the stars

Don’t you know that to you a new name I have given

Once you were called Lost but now you’re called Forgiven

Don’t think nobody sees you, for I am always watching you

And as for pain and secrets I know all of them too

Those whispers of love you long to hear are already yours to claim

My love is steadier than the candle’s wavering flame

My hand has always been here for you to cling to and to hold

And in my arms you will find a refuge from the dark and bitter world

And as for the wedding band and that someone you think you’ll never find

Trust that to my hands, dear child, I have some plans in mind

And when the journey seems so long and the road is cold and rough

I will be there through it all even when things get tough

So lean on me for your strength and diligently run the race

And trust my plan is for your good, believe in me, have faith


Hannah Cochran is 17 years old and she lives with her mother and three brothers on a small farm in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys writing both short stories and poetry and is currently working on her first novel. She is an avid reader and is enthralled by mysteries. When she isn’t reading or writing, Hannah can be found singing her favorite songs, spending time with her awesome family, or expanding her culinary repertoire. She enjoys knitting and crocheting along with embroidery and loves finding new things to make. She hopes to one day become a published author and to forever put her imagination down on paper.