By Rosey Mucklestone


I’m not just staring, I’m thinking.

Thinking of all I can be.

I’m not playing with math, I’m a navigator.

Navigating a stormy sea.

I’m not on a bed with a blanket.

I’m tucked under an eagle’s wing.


And this thing that I’m on is a rocket-ship,

Not just a playground swing.

The mess in my room isn’t mine,

I’m a poor slave forced to clean it up.

And I haven’t decided what it does yet,

But there’s an amazing elixir in my cup.

This isn’t people watching from a tree,

I’m scouting for enemy spies.

My hammock goes below deck on a ship

As soon as I close my eyes.

The trees in my yard are Sherwood Forest

And I am Robin Hood.

My bike is a steed and I am the rider,

A noble defender of good.

And when people say I’m nothing

I just smile at their lies.

I am not what I seem, you see.

I’m a hero in disguise.

IMG_6315Rosey Mucklestone is sixteen and the oldest of eight kids. Her family lives in northern Washington State with two dogs, two cows and a bearded dragon. Rosey has been writing books since she was eleven and has self-published two of them, Odd Team Out and Amazing Honesty, on, as well as several short stories on Other than writing, she likes sketching, photography, animals (dogs especially), reading and being outside exploring in the woods and by the ocean.

You can also find her throwing a bunch of random stuff up on her blog,