By Adora Istrate

She wandered through her life
With her nose in a book,
Every event, every game,
For those blessed pages forsook.

She jumped in every puddle,
Felt for every wardrobe’s back,
Dreamed of her secret identity
And armies come to attack.

All the adventure in her stories
Was what she so longed for,
Maybe to have those thirteen dwarves
Come knocking at her door.

She wished to be a princess,
She wished to be a fighter,
Conquering every foe in the land
Would be sure to delight her.

Yet time flew by, and years passed,
And no adventure met her;
She felt as though her boring life
Served to be her fetter.

Soon her free time grew scarce
And work filled up her day,
But still she remembered those books
In which she used to play.

In vain she brought her dreams
Down into her life’s reality,
Now she wished to go abroad
And all the world to see.

She wanted to make a change,
Something to help the world see,
Something to make them listen,
So that more might be free.

Adventure beckoned to her,
But it was always out of reach
As she grew continually older,
With her children to teach.

She still remembered fondly
The portals transcending time,
Who opened their pages to her
As in their worlds she’d climb.

Her children grew as she did,
With a love of words and book,
She helped guide them through life
With her firm shepherd’s crook.

Time slipped through her hands,
Like the sand of an hourglass;
Still no voyage, still no name,
But somehow she’d let that all pass.

She knew now that her life was filled
With adventure all around,
For in every well-lived life
There is adventure to be found.

adora-istrateAdora Istrate is a fourteen-year-old missionary kid who lives in Romania. She has been reading and writing for as long as she can remember and can be classified in the mysterious group known as the “bookworms.” She loves writing poems on the spur of the moment, and reading and writing fantasy and historical fiction. Her other hobbies include: playing sports, spending time with family, and engaging in artistic activities. She has no idea what she might want to be when she grows up, but she aspires to do whatever it is for God’s glory.