For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sarah Spradlin. I’ve worn a couple hats these past four years at Kingdom Pen, first as a minute master for staff meetings (aka Secretary) before moving up to Community Happiness Director. Many of you have met me through KP’s email, which was one of my main duties besides social media and contest organization. However, I consider my most important accomplishment as being the chief note passer during meetings and confetti distributor.

I’ve experienced writer’s block plenty of times, but I think this has been my worst case—not because I don’t have enough words to fill the page, but because I have too many.

The time has come for me to depart this fair kingdom. The fact is, I’ve already been gone for almost two months. You probably thought your hide-n-seek skills were strong. You didn’t even realize you were playing find-the-missing-cardboard-box.

Why did I pack up my cardboard box? It was one of the hardest actions I have ever done. But as I’m discovering and beginning to pursue the passions God has given me for agriculture, international development, and education, I’ve realized that it means letting go of some wonderful activities so I can devote more attention to preparing for the future.

It is incredible to look how far we’ve progressed in the few short years I’ve been at Kingdom Pen. It is unlike any other organization I’ve ever been a part of. It is overflowing with people who aren’t committed just for a hot minute, but who are in it for the long haul. Each person is remarkably gifted and driven, so I won’t worry about Kingdom Pen crumbling any time soon. Each staff member will make KP into all it can and should be, which will shake the world at its foundation and move mountains. Each of y’all are giving it all you’ve got, KeePers, KaPeeFers, and Staffers alike. It’s crazy to think about the awesome opportunities that are emerging from the woodwork.

But, as KP continues to grow, we’ll need people who are fully invested, because that’s what KeePers deserve and what will push us to the next level. Where I’m headed, I can’t do that, and it wouldn’t be fair of me to do a bad job when someone else could do better (*cough* Hope Ann *cough*). Although I won’t be on the forefront anymore, I’ll still be cheering from the back, praying for each of you, and open to offer any advice I might have.

Hope Ann and Christi have agreed to fulfill my responsibilities as Community Happiness Director, Social Media Director, and Outreach Director, and I’m looking forward to watching them perform amazing feats through their new roles. I mean, they’re already killing it, of course. Guess they had a pretty great teacher—me. I’m just kidding. Honestly, they are way cooler than me. Plus, I’ve infected Hope with a love for puns, and coupled with her propensity to use memes, y’all are set.

I am so proud to have served y’all and I look forward to seeing where KP goes next! Never give up, mountain movers. God has been in this from the start and will continue to be with us, taking KP further than we writers can imagine (which is saying a lot, am I right?).

If any of you have questions about why I’m stepping down or anything, I’m an open book! Don’t hesitate to reach out and say hi. I’m on Facebook and Instagram, so feel free to shoot me messages on either of those.

I’d apologize for how long this is, but I’m really not sorry. It’s long because y’all are important to me and I love you. *Throws confetti, issues the many thumbs up, and squishes everyone in a bear hug* Please, please, please, never forget: each of you has an extraordinary gift. Don’t let anyone tell you different, and as you continue to hone your craft—sharpening your swords, battle axes, arrows, daggers—remember that I believe you’re gonna change the world.

With all my heart,
Sarah Spradlin