Month: July 2017

Five Reasons You Aren’t Writing Your Dream Novel

Grab a paper and pencil, because this isn’t an article you can just read and ignore. Instead, you’ll be forced to examine yourself and identify what’s hindering you from writing the book you dream about. Because, let’s face it, most of us haven’t achieved our aspirations. We’re in despair because our writing style hasn’t sharpened quickly enough or because we’re unable to finish a draft. We’re in trouble. We need a breakthrough—which can be accomplished by training ourselves to detect and destroy obstacles that might be holding us back. But first we must address the core issue. What’s Your...

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Three Ways the Book of Esther Inspires Writers to Glorify God Between the Lines

Esther is one of the most beautiful books of all time, teaching us more lessons than a college class. It’s the Mona Lisa of literature. Yet, surprisingly, God isn’t mentioned in all 167 verses. His name’s absence has fogged the brains of some people so that they doubt Esther’s authenticity in the canon. The Greek Septuagint (LXX) assumed God had mistakenly omitted Himself and added 107 apocryphal verses.[1] But inserting God’s name in Esther is like writing the word “book” underneath the Bible. If the author of Esther magnified God without mentioning Him, so can we. All we include...

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Introducing KP Minicourses!

Have you ever needed to get a solid foundation on core writing principles really fast? If so, you may be interested in our newly released KP Minicourses! KP Minicourses are built on the premise that many writers don’t have time to take an intensive course on every writing subject. Sometimes they just need a shortcut so they can jump in, quickly learn what they need, and  return to writing. Today we’re releasing two Kingdom Pen Minicourses. One minicourse is called How to Create a Compelling Protagonist and explains the five key qualities every protagonist should have in order to enthrall the reader. The...

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KP Book Review: The Green Ember by S. D. Smith

In S. D. Smith’s The Green Ember series, rabbits walk on two feet, wear clothes, and carry swords, and each page urges you to keep reading. The main characters, Picket and Heather, are two young rabbit siblings whose father once told them legends of King Jupiter, but those are just stories. Or are they? Through unfortunate circumstances, Picket and Heather are thrust into a cruel world of predators, betrayal, and the rise and fall of kingdoms. Action fills the plot and adventure is around every turn of the page. I would define Smith’s writing style as simple, but not...

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Wonders of the Wind

By Grace M. The wind whirls Curls Shakes Quakes It pushes the seas And causes the breeze It flies the kites And stirs the nights It rustles the leaves And carries the bees It sways the tallest of towers And swirls the rain in spring showers It brings the sand across the beach And nothing can escape its reach It shoots up to the sky above And clutches every lark and dove We cannot see it Touch it Grasp it Change it No, we can’t see it move around Or hear it make a piercing sound If only we...

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