Month: June 2017

What Is Kingdom Pen?

What is Kingdom Pen? Whenever someone asks me what Kingdom Pen is, I have a hard time describing it succinctly. We may have started out as an online magazine. But at this point, we’re so much more than that. So at our annual staff retreat, we recorded a video explaining what exactly Kingdom Pen is and what we do. Check it out below and share with your friends!...

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God’s Calling for Me

By Michaela Bush There is a voice that stays deep inside, It’s something enormous I can’t seem to hide. The quiet whisper, the thrill of joy, No one can possibly think to destroy. I follow this whisper from day to day, And it shows me every single way I can become the person God intended— The person within me that’s so very splendid. I know it’s right, the voice I follow, For every day, even through the morrow, I seek this voice, this quiet murmur, And God’s embrace grows around me firmer. It may be hard, it may be...

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Dead Pens

By D.G. Snapper Oh no! Not again. Why me? This pen! I unscrew the lid And check the ink holder The color is all there But angered, the author The pen I rebuild Then place on the table It should work But why isn’t it able? The price wasn’t high But I only got one This ballpoint pen as a toy Yet it’s everything but fun I take it to my hand The ballpoint to paper I scratch and I scribble But it doesn’t cater No ink was spilled No writing done Will it force me to ask From...

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Three Ways Exceptional Sci-Fi Authors Develop Themes

My favorite sci-fi stories always seem to be tight. The sci-fi elements, the characters, the world, and the theme are all closely intertwined. Whether the stories are relatively small scale (the movie Arrival) or full-blown trilogies (Jill Williamson’s The Safe Lands), they blend otherworldly characteristics with real-world issues to create a compelling narrative that not only entertains but explores and instructs. But how? Theme was complicated before aliens and phasers and warp speed got in the way. Are you supposed to handle theme the same as you would for non-speculative genres? No, because genres differ for good reasons. Speculative stories...

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KP Book Review: Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

Everyone in the galaxy has a gift, similar to a magical talent, which develops during puberty. Few have a fate, an inevitable future event in their lives. Akos and his brother have fates, which makes them dangerous, despite being only the children of a farmer and an oracle. Cyra and her older brother, the children of a bloodthirsty emperor, also have fates. When their identities and fates are revealed, the lives of these four intertwine in ways that no one, not even the oracles, foresaw. Veronica Roth, author of the Divergent Series, recently released her latest novel, Carve the...

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