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By KayleighAnne Stanton “What is faith?” my teacher asked, his brow furrowed in wonder. He didn’t know how I stayed strong while the world was pulled asunder. I could have given him a simple answer, but instead I did not. For Christ is king and died for me— and that He would have not. So I looked at him and smiled, and began at the place to start, sharing a song from my very heart. Faith is love, the red rushing river. It is the gold of the sunshine and the wind of silver. It is the feeling I...

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How Villains and Side Characters Can Deepen Your Protagonist’s Character Arc

The core of story is conflict. If your story contains no struggle, it’s just a tale about nobody important who never overcame anything. Conflict takes many forms; physical, mental, and spiritual conflicts are all crucial, and even necessary. Ideological conflict, however, is invaluable to developing character arcs. Without it, your protagonist won’t grow because his beliefs are never questioned. Ideological conflict is often facilitated by villains and side characters who challenge the hero’s beliefs and worldview. If you start with your protagonist, creating these characters is relatively simple. How to Create an Effective Villain  Let’s say your hero has...

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KP Book Review: For Love and Honor by Jody Hedlund

From birth, Lady Sabine’s arm has been blotched by a bizarre birthmark. In a culture where beauty is regarded as symbolizing the state of a person’s soul, a slip of her glove could have her branded as a witch and killed. But despite all the pressure, Sabine dreams of finding acceptance from her friends, community, and God. For Love and Honor is the third and final book in Jody Hedlund’s An Uncertain Choice series. Although readable as a standalone novel, it features many of the main characters from the first book in the series, namely Sir Bennet, Sabine’s counterpart....

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Majesty Complete

 By Joy Peklenk The ground I stand on shrinks below my feet As does my soul and my great worlds inside As I gaze up to majesty complete To glowing specks of fire that melt my pride How distant are those hypnotizing dots How radiant those terrible ghosts of light And all of this land’s sights and sounds, they rot When my young eyes and those ghost lights unite My own imagined world of joy and mirth So full of dreams and stories, hopes and craves They peter till they are as small as earth As this sight uncontrollably...

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Beyond the Evil Overlord: Three Dynamic Character Arcs for Villains

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a hero in possession of reasonable talents and good looks must be in want of an arch nemesis.” Although the above statement is nothing more than a bad Jane Austen paraphrase, every writer knows that a story is vapid without a villain. Without darkness, how will the light shine through? No one can test, provoke, or push the hero to reach his full potential the way a villain can. In all likelihood, without the villain, the hero would still be a poor moisture farmer in a planetary backwoods. But even though we recognize...

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