Month: April 2017

Announcing New KP Staff Members

One side effect of trying to do everything at once is that you can forget to announce the awesome new people you’ve added to the site team. So without further ado, here we are. We’ve recruited three illustrious interns for our writing team—Gabrielle Pollack, Emily Kopf, and Cindy Green—and we are proud as punch to have them with us. You should begin seeing new articles, book reviews, and poems from them this upcoming month. We’re also excited to belatedly announce Christi Eaton as our new social media manager. Christi’s been running our social media for a while now and...

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Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Your Story’s Theme Lacks Subtlety

Few flaws can kill a story’s theme and message as much as blatancy. We’ve all read books that constantly hit us over the head with the author’s beliefs. Afterwards we resolve never to do this as authors. But then we sit down to write and realize how easy it is to make this mistake. Why Subtlety Is Important As I explain in my article, “Is Fiction Inherently Worse Than Nonfiction,” literature’s thematic power lies in moving emotions, not reason. Generally speaking, stories don’t change readers by presenting new logical arguments. That’s the role of nonfiction. Instead, fiction changes readers by...

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Ceiling Tiles

Anna Shipley had often been told she was an old soul in a young body. And upon being admitted to the Golden Years nursing home at age nineteen, her first thought was that fate had an unusually twisted sense of humor. Following that initial observation came a host of others, mostly of a grim and hopeless nature. She soon found existence easier if she avoided thinking and instead focused on small diversions. This morning she took an inordinate amount of pride in confirming that three hundred and seventy-eight tiles covered her gray ceiling, which she would have reported had...

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Echoes of Spring

By Moriah Simonowich In beauty as elegant as a pearl, Another day crisply unfurls. From God’s treasure house of gems Come chill March winds, Echoing the season of spring; They whirl, twirl, and ring. Clouds in transparent white wisps Move about in drifts— Sails billowing on a sea of blue; In a sky of clearest hue. Accompanied by swaying emerald pines, All the trees are inclined To dance as if to say: My, what a brisk, breezy day. Some branches bear twigs, Others tender green sprigs; But their mutual delight Is contagious and sunny and bright! Echoes of spring,...

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Become a Steward of the Pen (and Earn Rewards!)

For many moons, the Kingdom of Pen has occupied a small corner of the land called Internet. We have enjoyed relative prosperity and comfort amidst the forum’s castle grounds and the rolling countryside of social media surrounding our kingdom. But now we stand at the dawn of a new era. Introducing the Stewards of the Pen! This branch of our kingdom will become stronger than the rest, subduing all those who dare oppose us as we infect every last region of Internet with our brand until we reign supreme! Did I just write that aloud? Well, uh … awkward....

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