Month: March 2017

Five Overused Clichés in Christian Fiction (and How to Avoid Them)

I have a love-hate relationship with Christian fiction. On the one hand, the genre has immense potential, because it transcends what it means to live as a human being to explore what it means to live as a Christian. When these stories are done well, like Dave Swavely’s Silhouette, Richard Ramsey’s The Song (yes, I’m aware this is a movie), or Sigmeund Brouwer’s The Last Disciple, they often become my favorites. On the other hand, the titles I’ve listed are the cream of the crop. For every exceptional Christian novel I read, I typically wade through five or six...

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Love and Time

By Elri Voigt Gazing over her subjects, Time watches Waiting for the next victim to be subject to her iron rule None can escape it, like a goddess She waits, immortal and cruel To laugh as mankind tries to outrun her, and fails Two pairs of eyes meet Two hearts skip a beat Two souls believe In a destiny Two hands join together Time sees all and smiles, it will only be A matter of days, weeks, months, or years Before the two hands are free She settles back to watch love adhere To her spells The hands on...

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Three Things to Do When You Realize Your Plot Is Cliché

By Jamie Dougall A brilliant new plot enters your mind. It charms you with sweeping intrigue, fascinating characters, and a premise that cannot be ignored. You immediately start writing, but eventually you realize the story is cliché. All your creative juices die, and you pound your head on your keyboard, wondering why you thought it was a clever idea. The characters are plastic Barbies and G.I. Joes who take three hundred pages to reenact your favorite movie. The ending is predictable. It’s an utter disaster. Maybe you are being a bit melodramatic. It’s not all that terrible, yet the cliché...

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How to Keep Yourself Organized While Writing

By LaToya Gay As a writer, it’s possible (and maybe even likely) that you aren’t very organized when it comes to your craft. We’ve all experienced inspiration at the most inopportune moments. We can sit for hours staring at a blank screen or page with nary a clue how to proceed with our stories. Then, out of nowhere, inspiration strikes while we’re driving, taking a shower, or walking the dog. It seems to happen anywhere except in a convenient place to write. When the muse strikes, we tend to scribble haphazardly on whatever is within reach, whether a dinner...

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Dear Beloved

Oh beloved, Don’t you know that love comes from God alone? You might feel happiness without him But is it real joy? Sin wreaks havoc in our lives. It tempts us, It draws us in, It is like the song of the siren who lures sailors to their death. It sounds so beautiful. So perfect. So lovely. But it only causes pain, and such loneliness. Despair. Misery. Shame. Oh beloved, Your shoulders slump and your head hangs low. You know there is nothing you can do. How can you repay those you have hurt? Won’t good deeds make up...

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