Month: December 2016

The Secret to Writing a Unique Conversion Scene

Sometimes it’s not just the secular market that has problems with conversion scenes. Many conversions in Christian fiction are skipped over, viewed as boring, or actively avoided, because when someone attempts to write an “original” conversion story, it ends up being one that people have already heard. The fact that Jesus died for our sins isn’t a major revelation in modern Christian fiction. It’s not strange, or clever, or unexpected. What are we supposed to do when the greatest story in the world becomes cliché? Writing Unique Conversions If you are writing for the Christian market, chances are that anyone...

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By Christianna Hellwig Upon a windy slope of sand I saw a wizened preacher stand, And all his parched, cracked lips could form, Amidst that gust from taunting storm, Three words were those he said to me, “All is vanity.” His words like sighs were borne away With rays of the departing day, While all my life, that morbid call Sank through my fingers to its pall, When with a wail he said to me, “All is vanity.” With chilling dread I left that place Whence crumbled hope before my face, But hauntingly they followed me, Three words which...

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Three Ways to Write Christian Fiction for a Secular Audience

An enduring problem faces Christian writers who want to share their faith through their novels: if they include their faith in their books, it becomes “Christian” fiction. Christians read Christian fiction. Christians don’t need saved. Unsaved people read secular fiction, and they won’t ever end up touching an outspoken Christian’s book. Does that mean that no outspoken Christian will ever be able to lead someone to Christ through a novel? How in the world are we to use fiction to glorify God and bring people to Christ? Is the deck stacked against us and that’s that? No. God is...

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KP Book Review: Little Women

“Write a book for girls,” Louisa May Alcott’s publisher once told her. By writing what she knew and basing the story off her family, Alcott managed to create something amazing. Generations later, through the book, multiple movie adaptations, and even a musical, the four heroines still live on and are beloved by all who read Little Women. Little Women is set during the Civil War, and the story focuses on four sisters who struggle with living in poverty while their father is away fighting. The plot line may tend to move slowly as Alcott dwells on daily life, family,...

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By  Ingrid Dornbirer The dagger of lies has pierced again, Nothing will console me. Unworthy, shameful, filthy, weak, I let their words control me. My eyes, they spill the tears of pain, As angry thoughts surround me. Will the eyes of love and truth Never search and find me? “Child,” He whispers as His arms reach down and hold me, “You’re here within My grasp, Look at Me, behold Me.” I look and see His eyes of grace, He smiles kindly at me, I touch His wise and noble face, And wonder, “Does He love me?” Then suddenly I...

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