Month: November 2016

Fruits of the Spirit

By Tessa Just Love Unselfish feeling, Great affection for something, Desire to care for, Emotion. Joy Great happiness, Satisfaction for a job well done, Deep contentment, Delight. Peace Absence of stress, A state of harmony and serenity, A tranquil feeling, Silence. Patience Tolerant in troubles, Calmly enduring trying moments, Long-suffering always, Perseverance. Kindness Caring nature, Considerate of others’ needs, Generous act, Courteous. Goodness Moral excellence, Pleasing qualities to behold, Desirable character, Virtuous. Faithfulness Remaining true, Believing without needing to see, Loyal to the end, Reliable. Gentleness Soft-spoken, A friend to those who need one, Mildness of manner, Placid. Self-control...

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Revolutionize Your Writing by Deepening Your Characters’ POV

By definition, what is a novel? At first glance, the answer may seem simple: it’s a prosaic work of fiction that meets a certain word count and is bound up in book form. But if you look into the issue more deeply, you’ll see it’s trickier to explain what makes a novel distinct. Epics, plays, short stories, and poems all represent other forms of literature that existed before the novel was essentially invented by Miguel Cervantes in 1605 with the publication of Don Quixote. When compared with these other forms of literature, what unique qualities does the novel have...

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KP Book Review: From Homer to Harry Potter

What can Christians glean from the genres of myth and fantasy? How do specific fantasy novels showcase certain worldviews? Where does the fantasy genre come from historically? And how should Christians view the use of magic in stories? These are some of the many questions that Matthew Dickerson and David O’Hara tackle in their work, From Homer to Harry Potter. Dickerson and O’Hara write from a perspective similar to Lewis and Tolkien’s, and they explain how this perspective enlightens the genre. The first half of the book largely focuses on exploring fantasy works that were written before Tolkien and...

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The Mountainside

By Madelyn Graves Pain. Red, hot to the touch Ripples down my body, echoing my hours of screams That are now lost in the void of the mountainside. My white hands Once soft to the touch Are now coarse, caked with layers of blood and grime. Blackened, defiled. I study them And I keep walking up. But then I feel it. The terrain evens itself beneath my feet Giving my broken limbs their first signs of relief. The scarce oxygen flows through my veins Igniting me with life. I breathe it in with such exuberance Energy And down I...

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Kingdom Cinema Q&A

You had questions. Now we have answers. Well, we mostly have answers. A couple answers may have gone far afield of the original question. And Daniel may or may not have snuck a couple additional questions in because he was dissatisfied with our original question slate. Either way, for those of you who wanted to see more of us outside the writing show or wanted to see an extended “credits scene” from us, here’s your chance. Check out the video below and leave us your thoughts in the comments!...

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