Month: September 2016

Blinded by Conviction

By Jackson Graham 1657 – Port Bristol, England “Those men attack ships and take their money—and kill the crew…” Jade dove behind the trunk, stopping his ears against the horror. These brutes killed sailors and innocents alike. He squeezed his eyes shut, willing himself to disappear. Minutes earlier, savage freebooters had barged into his family’s home, demanding money in their drunken stupor. At his father’s flat refusal, the buccaneers drew their cutlasses. Muffled cries rang out. Then silence. Boots thudded as the men staggered throughout the house, searching for valuables. One pirate flung open the lid of the trunk,...

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Plot Holes

By Sarah I. Jones As I open the book My story begins. A boy in a hole And then it ends. I sigh as I read This horrible start. I think and I think But I know in my heart There’s more to this tale Than could ever be told. But how to begin? Before I get old. I pick at my story And tear out the start. Poking and prodding, I cut out the heart. My story’s now lifeless, But, hey, it is done. No, I can’t leave it hanging When it’s only begun. There’s a tear in...

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Interview on Publishing with Steve Laube Part Two

In this second part of our interview with publisher and literary agent Steve Laube, we discuss what the publishing process looks like, what book deals and book negotiations look like, and what crazy stories he has to tell as a literary agent! If you haven’t already seen the first part of our interview, check it out here, then watch the next part below!...

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Writing Team Update

After much ado from engagements to interviews, ladies and gentlemen, we present your fall Writing Team Interns and Kingdom Pen’s newest permanent staff member, the Director of Marketing. Prepare to unleash your best barbaric yawp in greeting these fine folks who will serve on the front lines of wordsmithing and kingdom expansion. ’Twas a noble contest of great proportions. Many lances were splintered, and many inkwells emptied. In the end (and after significant deliberation), we crowned four victors, but for those knights and ladies not selected, we would like to remind you that there will be another opportunity to...

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