Month: August 2016

Writing Synopses

By Anastasia McTague Lots of young writers have had to tangle, at some point or another, with the terrible synopsis—a means of distilling the entirety of a story into a few intriguing sentences that quickly and easily explain the plot. If you haven’t yet had to write a synopsis, you’ll likely need to do so in the future. Due to the size of many stories, condensing them into a few catchy lines is often frustrating. Hopefully the method outlined in this article will help shed some light on the subject, and take some of the frustration out of the...

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With Their Faces Toward Destruction

By Timothy Young After I had been stricken for many days, I laid down in the shadow of a rock and fell into a restless sleep. I had slept here before, but it had been some time ago. As I slept, I dreamt of a fair country, or it seemed fair at first. Then I realized that something was wrong with my vision. From the high perch through which I viewed this fair-looking country, I saw two armies approaching one another. From one teamed hordes of evil: dragons, goblins, giants, and loathsome men corrupted by outside forces, but also...

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By Katrina V. Remember the soldiers The sisters and brothers Who fought for our freedom And still fight today Remember the parents The wives, sons, and daughters Still waiting for loved ones To come home okay Remember the struggles The pain and the hardship So we would have freedom To be who we are Created as equals With one loving Father We’re free but together United in God Remember the fighters Who aren’t really noticed The ones who stay home While the rest go to war The craftsmen and mothers The teachers and builders Creating the nation The soldiers...

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The Awareness of Grace

By D.G. Snapper According to the riches of His grace, I am covered by the shield of faith, Under His yoke With unconditional love Which is beyond comprehension. Apart from the world; Against the evil, And in the place of condemnation Prior to accepting that I have fallen utterly short Within the light of His glory. Despite my folly, We are next the green pastures Behind the Good Shepherd Next to the Still Waters In regard of His Majesty. On account of zealous adoration, We are ahead of our past, And are growing toward His perfect will. We are...

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As Light Cascaded

By Emma Travis The fabric was blank. The void, so still, so silent, Just You, You in Your beauty. Threads of quiet universe Hushed, waiting. Wise and understanding, You knew, Knew Your heart held love, A thing more powerful Than any solitary force. You knew the void’s emptiness, You saw the threads awaiting You. Love rustled within You, The only movement in all Space, time, feeling. You understood what Your creation, Your coming children, would need. Something that would last always Never fade, never dull. Though all else perish, Though elements melt And mountains split and crumble, This alone...

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