Month: June 2016


By Ingrid Dornbirer Shattered and shameful, These things described me. Fearful and hateful. These words defined me. Broken and chained. That’s how He found me. Confused and blamed, When His love surrounded me. Frightened and doubtful, That He would be there. Shaken and hopeful, Wanting to believe He cared. Accepted and received, By His amazing grace. Renewed and relieved, That I had found my place. He came through, And now I know, He’s making me new, And He’ll never let go. I’m holding tight, Knowing He’s there. Willing to fight, When things aren’t fair. Though I’m still broken, And...

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KP Book Review: Inkheart

Every avid reader has dreamed of being able to meet his favorite characters in the books that he’s read.  Mortimer Folchart (Mo) has always dreamed of being able to do the same.  One day, while reading aloud from one of his favorite books, he discovers that he is able to read characters out of the books and into the real world by doing so.  It would have been a magnificent discovery if it weren’t for two problems.  The first is that he makes the mistake of reading the villains out of the book along with the hero.  And the...

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Poetry Contest – Announcing the 1st Place Winner!

Here it is! The announcement you’ve all been waiting for… This poem…just wow. It touched MacKenzie and I both on a deeper level. Which is why we picked it. As I was reading it a sense of wonderment and a worshipful spirit awakened and I felt drawn to my knees. Not only that, but the specific words used and double meanings laced throughout caused us to ponder as we read. When you can provoke that kind of reaction in a poem, you know you have written a great one! I am most certain that you will have a similar...

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Poetry Contest – Announcing the 2nd Place Winner!

Who’s ready to find out who the second place winner is??? Sorry for delaying this and dragging out the suspense; I’ll drag it out no longer!!!  MacKenzie and I were absolutely delighted with this poem. (I know, I know, I said I wouldn’t drag it out any longer, but this is fun! Keep reading!) The poem itself actually looks like a piece of art. The shape of it reminds you of a falling raindrop. As the poem progresses you can almost feel the rain falling. The creativity and style was fabulous! I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it just as...

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Poetry Contest – Announcing 3rd Place!

We are so excited to finally be revealing to all of you the third place winner! MacKenzie and I had a difficult time narrowing it down as there were thirty entries, but we made the choice and here is the poem that snatched our creative writer’s side. This poem is perfect for writers as we can all relate to the big bad, evil writer’s block!  We hope you enjoy reading it just as much as we did! Congratulations Lauryn Trimmer!!  The Death of Imagination A Poem Illustrating Writer’s Block It was a terrible fate, My imagination was left out at...

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