Month: May 2016


By BlueJay Bombs exploded, bullets stung Orders were to fight then run For the men who went to war Little food and dirty water Life was sometimes just man slaughter For the men who went to war. Comrades fell and lay there dying The enemy continued firing At the men who went to war. Some were young and some were old All of them so brave and bold Were the men who went to war. Blood was shed, limbs were lost This war they fought, it had a cost For the men who went to war. Stuck in brains;...

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Memorial Day Sale!!

Freedom; who doesn’t love that? Especially the freedom to write and publish. That didn’t come easy. It never has. Freedom is costly and the required price is a life. It always has been.  Lives have been lost; and we celebrate and honor those lives by remembering them. We thought we’d do something special and offer some lovely discounts to you awesome folks! EVERYTHING is 10% off!!! AND if you have an order of over $50 we’ll throw in some free shipping! Just swing by the shop, snag your swag, and enter this code: memday16 This swell offer ends May...

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KP Book Review: The Wingfeather Saga

If you are searching for a book that encompasses the wit and the humor of the Princess Bride along with the charm and imagination found in The Chronicles of Narnia, (and even if you weren’t) The Wingfeather Saga is just for you. Andrew Peterson opens the series with the book On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, where we begin in the town of Glipwood and are introduced to the three Igiby children, Janner, Tink, and Leeli. Peterson’s writing style is quick-witted, fast-paced, and—as I like to put it—bouncy, which easily draws you into the world of...

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Dust and Ink

By Mallory O’Bier Clickety-clack, New and black; Click-clack-ding! And the paper rolls back. Letter then letter Line by line, White paper is marred By a black ink design. Clickety-clack, Old and rusted; Years have passed Since last it was dusted. Silent and still, It speaks no more; Hasn’t since The last World War. But letter to letter Line by line, Remain the white paper’s Black ink design.   Mallory O’Bier is a 20 year-old Servant of the King, Word Hoarder, dreamer, and avid reader, who lives with her parents and two siblings near an “End State Maintenance” sign in...

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Silver Strings

By Jada Morrison Melodies flow from silver strings As the player draws her bow Song flows full and free Sometimes fast, sometimes slow Spotlights shine upon the scene Varnished wood of the violin gleams Everyone sits in silence As in a wonderful dream Her slender fingers run up and down The neck of her instrument Weaving with all their might Musical strains intricate She knows full well the power she holds In her hand that draws the bow With it she hopes to lead them To the Living Water’s flow She knows how music speaks to hearts In a...

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