Month: March 2016

Pitfalls and Strengths of Historical Fiction

By Sophia White Time-travel, with or without the use of machines, has been a growing theme in fiction in the last century. It corresponds in many ways to a longing almost all of us have felt at one time or another: a longing to go back to another time, whether to escape the troubles that are pressing us now, or to enjoy a “simpler” life, or to experience history first-hand. But while actual time travel may not be a possibility in our lifetimes, books offer us the opportunity to travel to other worlds, and works of historical fiction offer...

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KP Critiques – 30

With overwhelming delight we are proud to be presenting you with the 30th installment of KP Critiques!! We enjoy all of the effort and willingness from each and every one of you who has participated. We know the great courage it took for you to submit your work to scrutiny and we thank you abundantly! Keep ’em coming! We love your critique submissions. Even if you’ve already sent one in, don’t hesitate to submit another one!   Thank you Faith for providing us with this stellar submission!    Get him!” they yelled. Seth tugged on the strap of his...

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How to Research Historical Fiction

How many of us have shied away from historical fiction because of research? Hand raises. Yes, it is a terrifying part of the process. Your biggest fear? That history buff reading your book with a disgusted face at your gall to say they used gold spoons in the Jamestown fort. I have been a part of a debate team this past school year. The bulk of the work on the team is research. Tons and tons of research. I personally have always loved researching. Fact finding is like treasure hunting for me. So over the school year I have...

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Meet the Kingdom Pen Team

Some of you may have been following Kingdom Pen for several months, some of you may have been following us for several years, and the majority of you probably fall somewhere in the middle, but either way, you may be wondering who this quasi-elusive KP team is (unless you’ve been stalking our ‘meet the staff’ pages) and may be wondering what all we do here in our various roles at Kingdom Pen.  Well, if you have been asking yourself some of these questions (or even if you haven’t), we met at a staff retreat back in January, and during...

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KP Book Review: Crime and Punishment

You don’t need to read that much into the book to learn what its plot is: it’s a story about a Russian axe-murderer who kills an old lady who runs a pawnshop seemingly for money and afterwards tries to hide what he did from the authorities.  It’s a shocking premise, and yet the depth and complexity of this book has made it a lasting member in the list of the classics, as well as being perhaps one of the greatest Christian novels of all time. Since the murder of the old woman happens within the first sixth of the...

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