Month: January 2016

A Day in the Country

By Greta Dornbirer   Oh, where are you going, On this sunny day? To the country I’m a-going. Why to the country? The city you should try! Oh no! The city is not for me. For I prefer the country, Where all is bright and gay. The night is dark and starry, And brilliant is the day. The air is crisp in autumn The cider is a-brewing. Everything is rustic. Birds chirping in the spring, The smell of sweet honey, The soft, brown fur of the bunny. Ol’ farmhouses, And grazing horses, Fields of corn, Little calves being born....

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KP Critiques – 23

We are so delighted to be presenting you with our twenty-third installment of KP Critiques!! All of you amazing subscribers who have submitted your work for us to critique, THANK YOU!!! Through your courage you have provided us with substantial material, as well as aided in sharing wisdom to fellow writers. Receiving constructive criticism is never easy, but it’s necessary to grow as a writer!   So please continue flooding us with your wonderful critiques! Today’s submission is an excerpt from Tatiana’s novel, To Be Free.  The Critique To Be Free  “Asbee, I have come to expect more from you....

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Three Things You Need in Your Climax

The climax. That point which should be the tensest, most enthralling portion of the book.  Done well, a climax can be simply stupendous.  However, there are also few things in writing that are as bad as a climax done poorly.  As one example, there was a series that I was reading a couple years ago that had a ton of promising potential.  It had great characters, gave an amazingly-executed theme, had a thrilling setting, and was explicitly Christian without falling into any of the traps that Christian fiction can have a tendency to fall into.  The first book was...

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Keystone of The Matter: How to Execute Your Climax

Every element in the construction of a story is important. The beginning catches the reader, the middle makes them care, and the conclusion satisfies. But the climax…the climax is the keystone of the whole arc. It’s the point which the whole story has been leading to, the turning where success is finally grasped, and the event from which the rest of the character’s life will lead away. And it needs to be done well or the rest of the story, even if it’s well written and intriguing, turns out at bit of a disappointment. Viewed another way, if the...

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KP Critiques – 22

With overwhelming delight we are proud to be presenting you with the 22nd installment of KP Critiques!! We enjoy all of the effort and willingness from each and every one of you who has participated. We know the great courage it took for you to submit your work to scrutiny and we thank you abundantly! Keep ’em coming! We love your critique submissions. Even if you’ve already sent one in, don’t hesitate to submit another one!   Thank you Kenya for providing today’s critique!   “Ok. Two minutes. That’s it. Two minutes, and then you and Josh get out...

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