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February Theme Blank

The KP staff is so excited for this new year! Last week, we all got together (many of us meeting in person for the very first time!) and cooked up some pretty cool new treats that we hope to reveal to you soon!

In the meantime, here are the new writing themes for the year, which can also be found under the publishing schedule tab.





As the month of February holds Valentines Day, we thought it appropriate to make the theme for this month romance and love.

Valentines Day today epitomizes the sad state of love and romance in our Western culture. What was supposed to be a holiday dedicated to a man who was executed for defending marriage during a time when it was banned, it has turned into a time of cheap romance and consumer “love”, or a “SAD” (Singles Awareness Day) day where we bemoan our lack of a romantic partner.

In the same way, so many stories today have taken on this same low idea of romance and love. These ideas are so casually thrown around, misused, and twisted to be used in inappropriate contexts, or to mean something less than what they should.

How can we restore these ideas in our stories to what God intended them to be? How should Christians approach these two elements in their writing? Should teen writers even be writing about romance? How can we write stories that display the immense love of God?

Send in you articles, poems, and short stories that touch on this theme. That’s right! You don’t just have to submit articles that address the monthly theme. Stories and poems are also encouraged! We can’t wait to read what you have to say!

Also, if you want to make sure your submission has enough time to be reviewed and published during the theme month, please send in your submissions one month AHEAD of schedule. So for the month of February, start sending in your submissions now. For the month of March, send in your submissions in February, and so on.


Thank you so much! We hope you are looking forward to 2016 as much as we are!



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